Monday, April 30, 2012

"The Dark Knight Rises" Trailer #3

Batman better die in this movie. His death would become one of the greatest in film history.

Will Bane break the Bat?

"Indie Game: The Movie" Trailer

I'm not a very big gamer myself - really just give me Tiger Woods Golf or Tetris and we can call it a day - but I know some of the other members of this blog are (and I think one of them is actually working on creating his own game with the help of other Slackers Selection Production members). And regardless, the trailer for this film actually looks pretty interesting.

The film, "Indie Game: The Movie", is a documentary from Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky. With it, they follow the development of three independent video game creators and some of their biggest projects - Braid, Fez, and Super Meat Boy. I'm not at all familiar with those titles, but surely fans of this media will be. The film has already received rave reviews at both Sundace and South by Southwest, and is coming to theaters near you within the next month.

Hit the jump for this interesting little trailer.

Ebertfest 2012: Day 5

Film: "Citizen Kane" (1941)
*With Roger Ebert's Commentary Track 
Film Representative: Jeffrey Lerner
(Produced & Recorded Commentary)

The Virginia Theatre was packed once again for the final day of Ebertfest 2012. The rainy weather wasn't enough to keep audiences from viewing Orson Welles' masterpiece, Citizen Kane. The rain was enough, however, to persuade the festival to open their doors a little early to help keep the anxious crowd dry. I am very thankful for that. Citizen Kane being the movie it is, you have to assume most everyone attending the screening has seen the film before. Seeing the film on the big screen is an opportunity that should never be passed up, but what made this event extra special was the inclusion of Roger Ebert’s award winning commentary track over the film. This event bestowed the return of a speaking voice that has been missed at the festival since 2006.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Trailer Park: Comics In Focus: The Image Revolution, Hick, Hot Springs, Hotel Transylvania, Lawless, Love Peace And Misunderstanding, Mansome, Strippers Vs. Werewolves

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

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Ebertfest 2012: Day 4

  • "Higher Ground" (2011)
  • "Patang" ("The Kite") (2011)
  • "Take Shelter" (2011)

My alarm goes off and reality hits me: it's Ebertfest time! I'm up bright and early (for a slacker selection crew member) at 9:00AM. As I'm relaxing and eating my breakfast, I'm sitting there realizing how early I'm going to be; but nerves and anticipation hit too hard, sleep is not an option at this point. By the time 11:00AM rolls around, I'm walking out my door and thinking I must have done something right to get to be at this amazing event. That's when it all went wrong.

Prometheus International Trailer

I really shouldn't even be recommending you watch this trailer. So much great nostalgic imagery you really don't want to see before you can see it on the big screen. Do yourself a favor and don't watch this trailer. Watch the movie!

I tried warning you.

Box Office Report: "Think Like a Man" Leads the Way

Well, it's official. Trying to get overly scientific with the whole box office projection thing to figure weekend grosses: fail. I will say that I came pretty close on three of the four, but the problem was that I terribly over-estimated on "The Five-Year Engagement". Apparently there wasn't as strong a following for that type of film as I expected. Either that or the people looking for a couples comedy this weekend just decided that "Think Like a Man" was the way to go instead. And ultimately, that must have been the case, because it performed much stronger this weekend than I would have expected.

Like I said, the other three releases did end up right around where I expected, with none of them really pulling in anything exceptional. "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" led the way amongst new releases and took second-place overall, but there was quite the pileup from spots two through five, all ending up up less than $300,000 apart.

Mark Millar talks “Kick-Ass 2”

It was almost two years ago to the day that I was making a round trip from Champaign, IL to Kansas City, MO and back with my sister and my friend Tyler. I was the only one driving, and for some reason or another Tyler and I thought it would be a good idea to throw a movie into the middle of a 16-hour drive. The movie in question was “Kick-Ass”, and would turn out to be the biggest adrenaline shot I ever got from a film. Besides that trip being my introduction to the super-talented, foul-mouthed 12 year old, Chloe Grace Moretz, and one of my all-time favorite films period, Tyler also provided my favorite and funniest road trip memory ever (I won’t get into the specifics, it’s not really public internet material).

The next several weeks would include multiple trips to the theater and lots of discussions about where the film sat all-time. And as is customary with any film that is a success these days, everyone immediately started talking about a sequel. For awhile it was looking like there were going to be some pretty heavy delays, but now we have word from the creator of the comics, Mark Millar, that a sequel to the film is rolling right along.

Get the details after the break.

Ebertfest 2012: Day 3, Part 2

Film: "A Separation" (2011)
*Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film

Film Representative: Michael Barker

It was a full house tonight at the Virginia Theatre, and the temperature was about ten degrees warmer than usual, due to the cramped array of attendees. I found myself to be slightly more uncomfortable than the day before, which is not surprising considering how much time was spent in those chairs. Chaz briefly appeared on stage like normal and introduced Michael Barker, who was the distributor for A Separation. He informed us that actor Peyman Maodi would not be in attendance, as he is filming in a remote location in Iran. He considers this "a perfect film". I agree.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ebertfest 2012: Day 3, Part 1

Film Representatives:

Things started looking up today, Day 3 of Ebertfest, after Patton Oswalt’s unexpected scheduling conflict yesterday. Chaz informed the crowd that Ebert was feeling well and would like to present the first movie himself. This was a real treat for everyone. Again, he walked out to a standing ovation. Humbled, Ebert immediately started waving his hands downward instructing us to remain seated. Not a body in the auditorium answered his request.

Top 5 Movie Guide: Wedding Movies

Today, with yesterday's release of "The Five-Year Engagement", we decided to go after our favorite Wedding-Themed Movies. This newest installment for the genre stars Jason Segel and Emily Blunt as a couple desperately trying to make it to that all-important wedding day. And just as with this new film, while the selections below might not all focus entirely on a wedding specifically, nonetheless, they some way or another revolve around the wedding concept.

Most will probably focus films with the wedding as the main subject, but some might even include a film or two with just one or two powerful wedding scenes that just completely take over the film. So regardless of the reasoning for each selection, we assure you that each of the picks below offer something special to this theme.

And to see exactly which films are featured, hit the jump!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ebertfest 2012: Day 2

Today is day two for Ebertfest 2012 and the anticipation is still in full force. It’s about an hour and half until the doors open and the line is all the way around the block. This is reminding me of the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight", but with the added scorching effects of sunlight on my geekish, pale skin. Guess I need to get outside more often. The day already started out as a disappointment for me, as I became aware of Patton Oswalt’s cancellation of appearance due to his work on Ben Stiller's new film. I’ll let it slide this time, Patton, but you better be back next year! And since he offered such an elegant apology, I think I can genuinely forgive him. As the line started progressing toward the building, I let my disappointment subside. After all, I was going to spend the day watching movies with people who have the same kind of passion.

First Trailer for Judd Apatow's "This Is 40"

On the heals of his most recent film, "The Five-Year Engagement" (Producer), the comedy movie mogul has now released the first trailer for his next film, "This Is 40". The film, written/directed/produced by Judd Apatow, returns multiple characters from his previous film, "Knocked Up", for this official/unofficial sequel. The two leads in the film are Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, revisiting their same roles from that film.

The basis for this story is that the two main characters are about to turn 40, and Debbie (Leslie Mann) isn't too excited about it. She decides that it's the perfect time for them to start making some changes in their lives. Most of them are standard adult/parent stuff - more involved with their kids' school, working out, less technology and more outdoors, etc. Pete (Paul Rudd) doesn't seem too interested, but knows his wife can get a little crazy, so just kind of goes with the flow. The trailer for the film looks solid and actually very much in vein with "Knocked Up". I don't think I actually noticed until right now the different tones that many of Apatow's films have had.

So check out the newest trailer for the film, courtesy of Apple, after the break.

Photo Bomb!

Thanks for checking out the latest edition of Photo Bomb!, your weekly roundup of all movie-related photos floating around the internet.

It's been another strong week in the photo department, as a lot of interesting looking films have released some new photos. In the mix for this post are new images from "Django Unchained", "The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn: Part 2", "Les Miserables", "Pain and Gain", and "The Lone Ranger". We also have some promo images for the films "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Dark Knight Rises". And new posters for films "Hotel Transylvania", "The Expendables 2", and "G.I. Joe: Retribution".

And though they're not exactly movie related, per say, also attached below are the first photos of The Avengers, recently completed and now showcasing at Madame Tussauds House of Wax; as well as The Hulk gracing the cover of the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

Check out the full filmstrip after the break!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ebertfest 2012: Day 1

Film Representative: Stephen Goldblatt (Cinematographer)

I head off to see the first screening of Ebertfest, Joe Versus The Volcano (1990). I was successful in finding a great parking spot. I got out of my car and I start walking towards The Virginia Theater. I see a huge line wrapping around three sidewalks surrounding the block of the theater. I chuckle and think, “Good thing have this press pass. Not trying to wait in that.” I walk up to the ticket booth and ask the lady stationed there, “Where can I find the line for those with press passes?” Thinking she would direct me to the VIP line or one of the other shorter lines, she turns to her superior and asks my same question, I then learn I have to stand in the line wrapping three of the exterior walls of The Virginia. “No big deal,” I think to my self, “I’ll be in the assigned press section and find a seat easily.” I head to the end of the line and wait.

Head below to find out what happened next at Ebertfest: Day 1...

In Theaters This Weekend: April 27, 2012

With our first full foursome of the year, this weekend looks to provide more variety than any other has had to offer thus far (though I make no promises that the overall quality level will match). But there is a great slate to choose from, and presumably options for everyone's taste.

The four films releasing nationwide this weekend are "The Five-Year Engagement", "The Raven", "Safe", and "The Pirates! Band of Misfits". So that makes one Judd Apatow-produced romantic comedy, one murder/mystery thriller, one action/crime film, and one animated family feature. And while I said that I can't promise on the quality levels, I still genuinely think that all four of these have something to offer, and at the very least, it can't be any worse than last weekend's selection.

Also, at the very end we're going to try out something new with the box office predictions. Normally, I'm terrible at them, so I just avoid the subject entirely. But after last weekend's analysis with the Box Office Report, I decided I'd try the same thing in my predictions. So below, I tackle them with history with statistics!

Roger Ebert Accepts Key to City of Champaign

What a fitting way to start off our coverage of Ebertfest. Before we start getting into all of the specifics of the actual event itself, it seems significant and special to note this little story first.

Last night was the opening of the 14th annual Roger Ebert Film Festival. Beforehand, a reception was held at the University of Illinois President's house, wherein Champaign, IL mayor Don Gerard presented Roger Ebert with a key to the city. In response to the award, the witty critic replied: "When you get the key to the city, where is the lock?", communicated through his wife, Chaz. On top of this prestigious award, Ebert was also gifted a titanium Black Card by Jim Flaniken, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Steak 'n Shake, a restaurant chain that's grown to enormous popularity in the state.

I speak for all of us when I say that everyone here at the Slacker Selection Movie Blog would like to extend our fullest gratitude towards Mr. Ebert for all of his accomplishments in the film industry, and his continuous contributions that inspire all of us. He's provided sustenance for all of us with that unquenchable thirst for film.
Thank you and congratulations on your achievements.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 5 Movie Guide: John Cusack

This week, with the upcoming release of "The Raven", we decided to jump at the chance to do our Top 5 favorite films for John Cusack. Cusack has been a great actor since he was a teen star in the 80's (fringe member of the Brat Pack). Since then, he's acted in a variety of roles, but generally tried to stay out of the spotlight. He's said that the majority of the roles he's turned down have been due to the mass attention and commercialization they'd receive (i.e. Bill Paxton's role in "Apollo 13", Batman/Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins", Ricahrd Gere's character in "Chicago").

But Cusack, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, has still managed to put together a wonderful filmography, full of a broad array of movies, now spanning four different decades. So check out our picks below, featuring some of our favorite films from this unconventional actor's career.

Five Actors/Actresses I'd Love To See Make A Comeback: by Nathan Hinds

Everyone loves a comeback, no matter what the situation. History is filled with great combacks: Michael Jordan's return to basketball in 1995, AC/DC’s “Back In Black” album after the death of lead singer Bon Scott, Triple H's return after a torn quadricep (any wrestling fan’s reading this blog?), or Mickey Rourke’s powerhouse performance in the 2008 film “The Wrestler”.

Now, seeing as how this is a movie blog, Mickey Rourke’s “comeback” film “The Wrestler” is obviously the most relevant example to this site. It was what first got me thinking about this topic, obviously long before this blog was ever thought of. It got me thinking, how so many actors who either have such phenomenal talent, or in other cases actors who may not be the most talented but certainly ones who are extremely popular can seemingly fall off the face of the planet. Now I’m not going to write some long essay chronicling the rise and fall of the actors who will be mentioned in this post; for one, because I’m too lazy to do that much research, and two, these are all specific actors that I liked and maybe you won’t care for. I’ll mainly stick to why I thought they were so awesome, and the type of film I think each person could do to jump back into the spotlight with. 

Before I get into my choices though, let me just say the biggest hurdle for this list was getting past the fact that “Expendables 2” took most of my original choices.

Check out five actors/actresses after the break that I'd love to see make a comeback.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Trailers for "Brave" and "G.I. Joe:Retaliation"

It was only yesterday that Derek provided you with all of the most recent movie trailers floating around the internet. But the movie trailer world is fast moving, and generally, there's new content we can explore every day. Generally, I'd like to save any trailers that come up for that weekly post, but with two bigger movies with a lot of hype around them, it seems better to get them up now so you can watch them here. Plus, Derek does a great job on focusing on the lesser-publicized films most of the time anyway, so I don't think it'll be too much of a hindrance snatching these away from next week's post.

Anyway, today Disney released a new trailer for its upcoming film "Brave", and Paramount released its most recent trailer for "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" as well.

Check them both out after the break.

Casting News: Jessica Chastain for "Iron Man 3", and Mel Gibson for "Machete Kills"

Normally, we don't discuss a whole lot of casting news on this site. Trust me, we love seeing our favorite actors jump into great looking roles for them, and are always excited when the movies we've been keeping tabs on finally announce their casts. But with so much constant in & out news, and so many films to pay attention to, it's generally too trivial to focus so much time on covering every bit of news. So a line has to be drawn.

That being said, with this post, I can tell you right where I draw that line - somewhere after these two for these types of movies.

Check out full details on these bits of casting after the break.

Slackers Selection CinemaCast: Episode 12

Thanks for checking out the latest edition of the Slackers Selection CinemaCast!

This week, we go over (though none of us bothered with any of the three) "Think Like a Man", "The Lucky One", and "Chimpanzee".

More interestingly, we dive into next week's crop of films and the ones we're opting to see, including "The Five Year Engagement", "The Raven", "Safe", and "The Pirates! Band of Misfits".

Also, films we've been watching this week including "The Divide", "We Bought a Zoo", "Alien3", and "The Justice League: Doom". And "Along Came Polly" is still a good movie!

Nice, concise recording this week, so give it a listen and gain some knowledge!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Slackers Are Going to Ebertfest!

It's pretty exciting times over here at the Slackers Selection Movie Blog! We're really just starting to get into our rhythm with the site, but already our hard work is paying off. In what is already our biggest accomplishment and bit of news for the site, we've recently been invited to attend the upcoming Ebertfest Film Festival as members of the Press! This is our site's first festival as official members of the press, so we're really looking forward to providing you with massive amounts of exclusive first-hand coverage throughout the event.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the event, Ebertfest is an annual film festival held every April in Champaign, Illinois at the iconic Virginia Theatre. It's put on by Roger Ebert himself (as he's a graduate of the University of Illinois located in the same town), and always attracts a variety of filmmakers and special guests. The event, which was once called Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival, was initially put together by Ebert to showcase films in which he felt had not been given enough attention from the media, the public or even distributors. The name has since been trimmed up, but the philosophy behind the festival remains the same.

Over the years, many notable guests have appeared at the festival, including actors Billy Crudup, Bill Paxton, Kris Kristofferson, John Malkovich, Amy Adams, Joey Lauren Adams, Bill Nighy, Michelle Monaghan, and Tilda Swinton; and directors Alex Proyas, Werner Herzog, Ang Lee, Charlie Kaufman, and Richard Linklater. This year, the quality continues, as the highlights appear to be actors Michael Shannon ("Bug", "Revolutionary Road", "Take Shelter", "Boardwalk Empire"), Patton Oswalt ("Big Fan", "Young Adult"), and new-commer Jacob Wysocki ("Terri"), along with writer Robert Siegel ("The Wrestler", "Big Fan").

Check out a continued breakdown of the festival after the break, detailing which films will be screening, who will be attending each event from our staff, and what kind of coverage to expect throughout.

The Trailer Park: The Aggression Scale, The Angels' Share, Area 407, The Art Of Rap, The Baytown Disco, Errors Of The Human Body, The Five Year Engagement, Here, The Impossible, Madea's Witness Protection, Nazis At The Center Of The Earth, Ruby Sparks, Surviving Progress, Your Sister's Sister, Virginia

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Box Office Report: "The Hunger Games" Dethroned

Well it took five weeks, but "The Hunger Games" finally dropped out of the top spot in the weekend box office. It was the new release "Think Like a Man" that strongly exceeded expectations and came away with the number one spot. But that wasn't the only new release that was able to oust the reigning champ. "The Lucky One" also wanted a piece of the action, and ended up with the second spot this weekend. But "The Hunger Games" was able to edge out Disney's newest, "Chimpanzee", and claim the third spot, putting up strong numbers for its fifth weekend.

Outside of the top four spots, there wasn't very much too out of the norm. A handful of films crossed significant box office milestones this weekend, so those are for sure worth mentioning.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Top 5 Movie Guide: Documentaries

With this weekend's release of Disney's "Chimpanzee", we thought this as good a time as any to dive into some of our favorite Documentary Films. I think across the board this was one of the most difficult subjects for us, as the content is so broad. There are literally thousands of documentaries that are out there that in some way or another can prove to be valuable. How do you whittle down a selection of films that encompass every subject imaginable? Trust us, it was no easy task.

Nonetheless, we decided to take a crack at the medium and see what we came up with. But the word 'Documentary' can mean a little something different to everyone, so expect a unique blend of films below as each of us decipher what the best selection of those films truly means.

Take a look after the break to see which documentaries we deem the best.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Making of 'Transformers the Ride'

This isn't exactly pertaining to film, but it's pretty close. Attached after the break is a behind-the-scenes video just released by Universal Studios for their newest attraction, Transformers the Ride 3D. The ride is set to open on May 25, 2012, so if you're in Orlando later next month, you just might want to check this out.

The three minute featurette shows some production and development for the ride, as well as a few quick interviews from people in charge of pulling the whole thing together. It does sound like they have a pretty good handle on the whole concept, so check out the video for yourself and see what's in store next month.

Photo Bomb!

Welcome to week two of this regularly scheduled program. last week we started off with a bang, and to our luck, it doesn't look like the quality is dying down any in this second week. There's a lot of great new photos to get to, so let's not waste anymore time.

In the filmstrip below you'll see brand new content from films such as "Hitchcock", "G.I. Joe: Retaliation", "I, Frankenstein", "Cosmopolis", "The Lone Ranger", "Ender's Game", and "The Expendables 2". Also new posters for the films "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Moonrise Kingdom", "G.I. Joe: Retaliation", and "Brave".

Check them all out after the break.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Theaters This Weekend: April 20, 2012

As I stated on our most recent CinemaCast, I don't think there's been a weekend in notable memory with three wide releases coming out that I've had as little interest as I do with what is being offered this weekend.

The three films we can look forward to are "The Lucky One", "Think Like a Man", and "Chimpanzee". And I don't know about you, but there's little there that makes me want to dish out my hard-earned money for a viewing. Yep, I think it's safe to assume that at least for this writer, it'll be a good weekend to get a re-watch in one of the other quality films that are still hanging around the theaters.

But that doesn't mean these films aren't for anyone. I'm sure "The Lucky One" and "Think Like a Man" will still put up respectable box office numbers over the weekend, so just in case, we'll go over each film after the break.

New "Cosmopolis" Trailer

A new trailer drops for David Cronenberg's latest film "Cosmopolis". The film stars Twilight's Robert Pattinson.

I have faith that if anyone can wash the Twilight stigma off of Pattinson, it's Cronenberg.

Do you think this film will take Pattinson's career to new levels of respect?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Movie Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's "Magic Mike"

A few months ago this film probably isn't being featured on this blog, let alone making the rounds it is on the internet right now. That is of course because the star of this film is Channing Tatum. But a lot has changed in that short amount of time (okay, really it's just been the release of "21 Jump Street"). That film shed a lot of the negativity around his name and, while still a comedic performance, showed audiences that he actually had some acting abilities hidden in there.

Anyway, the trailer featured after the break is for Steven Soderbergh's latest creation, "Magic Mike". It feels like forever ago that plans were announced for this, but if you can recall, the film, which stars Tatum, is actually based around a lot of the experiences he had himself as a male stripper before breaking in as an actor.

The film seems like a solid next step for Tatum and his new found appeal.

Top 5 Movie Guide: James Woods

This upcoming weekend didn't offer a whole lot in terms of actors or directors with big, inspirational bodies of work, so instead, we went a more unique route. For this list, we decided to focus our efforts on actor James Woods. How did we come to him you might ask? Well it just so happens that today is Mr. Woods' birthday. And what better time is there to recognize someone than on their birthday? So happy 65th birthday Mr. James Woods!

James Woods has been acting since the late 1960's but many might not be familiar with how he got there. Believe it or not, Woods actually graduated at the top of his high school class and later enrolled at M.I.T., from which he received an academic scholarship to attend. He studied there for a year and a half before dropping out to pursue his passion of acting during his Sophomore year.

His passions quickly paid off though, and before he knew it, he already had a name for himself in the business. Interesting bit of trivia by the way: at one point, Woods fired his then manager after he opted not to tell him about the role of Mr. Orange that Quentin Tarantino specifically offered to him for "Reservoir Dogs", feeling the role wasn't significant enough. The role was eventually snagged up by Tim Roth, and I think everyone knows how that film turned out.

But anyway, check out the full list of all our favorite James Woods films after the break.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teaser Trailer for "Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys"

For those of you who are fan boys of Star Wars, this will surely be of interest to you. For those of you who aren't, I believe there will still be some fun and interesting information in this film.

The trailer below is for a documentary by Brian Stillman which explores the obsession behind the people who spend years (and thousands of dollars) buying and collecting the massive amount of toys and memorabilia available from the franchise. I imagine a big portion of the film will also revolve around the marketing campaigns by LucasFilms, and the fact that the collectable aspect of everything might have had just as much to do with the success of the films as the films themselves.

Slackers Selection CinemaCast: Episode 11

This week, we discuss our opinions on new releases "The Cabin in the Woods" and "Lockout", as well as the box office take and our reactions for "The Three Stooges".

Also, next week's incredibly weak selection, including "The Lucky One", "Think Like a Man", and "Chimpanzee". I guess this is a weekend for getting that second viewing in of something else still in theaters.

Plus, what we're watching, including the TERRIBLE "The Darkest Hour", "We Bought a Zoo", and "Johnny English Reborn".

And in the news world, the "Titanic" weekend box office record in China; and casting opinions for the next Hunger Games film.

And I do want to note - not sure what the technical mix-ups were, but some way or another, parts of the audio are a bit choppy at times. Generally, it's okay, but there are parts where it's not quite as good as usual. We'll try to correct it for next week, but hopefully it's all good enough to get the point across.

Thanks for listening!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Alamo Drafthouse's 'Sumer of '82'

For those of you living in the Texas area (Nathan, hopefully you'll be taking advantage of this), The Alamo Drafthouse will be doing a little something special this summer. As you might be able to gather from the title, the small theater chain plans on rolling out special showings of the best hits from the summer of 1982. And for those of you who are unaware, that was a pretty epic summer; some say the best of all-time.

It looks like each film will get a week in theaters, starting with "Conan the Barbarian" on May 11. Each film will get one full week to itself before the next arrives (so no worries about choosing between two gems if you have a few hours free in the afternoon).

Check after the break for a list of the films screening starting next month.

Box Office Report: "The Hunger Games" Still At It

The biggest problem I'm having with "The Hunger Games" continuing to win every weekend is trying to find a new damn photo from the film for every post! That's right, for the fourth straight weekend, "The Hunger Games" proved mightier than the rest of its competition. Even with three new wide-releases out - "The Cabin in the Woods", "Lockout", and "The Three Stooges" - it still managed to pull away. You can see that things are finally starting to even out a bit though, and "The Hunger Games"' margin has grown smaller and smaller each week (as would be expected).

"The Cabin in the Woods" and "The Three Stooges" managed respectable opening weekend takes, while our other new release, "Lockout", left a lot to be desired. And "Titanic" and "American reunion" (second-weekers) both managed to hang in the top five.

The Trailer Park: Little Birds, The Magic Of Belle Isle, Shuffle

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

As always, put on your John Nada sunglasses before the jump or...submit to the advertising.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Laser Cats 7

Spielberg is a great director and a good sport.

The Slackers Shrine

With our most recent Top 5 Movie Guide, it got us thinking about the idea of a Hall of Fame of sorts for movies that have reached the absolute pinnacle in our Top 5 world - which is, of course, sweeping the #1 spot on all five lists.

It seems as if accomplishing such a feat will be quite rare, and thus, worthy of recognition. And so it was born: The Slackers Shrine. At first, it was just going to be as simple as including films to The Shrine that reach this height; a place for the highest-achieving films to gather at The Slackers Selection Movie Blog. But then it was decided to take it one step further: when a film accomplishes something like this, it's obvious that it's an extraordinary piece of work. And so, to limit future lists from being "bogged down" by a film that each of us regards so highly, we also decided that with inclusion to this Hall of Fame, films will also be removed from consideration for future Top 5 lists. It seems almost negative in a way, but in actuality, it's for the benefit of all of you, as readers. We decided that removing them from future contention provided the opportunity for even more variety on future lists. Of course, we'll always be sure to make note of The Slackers Shrine in subsequent and applicable Top 5 posts - we still want you to know it exists and that it resonates with us, it's just not there because it's already had its day and is considered a King among men.

For example, "The Shawshank Redemption" recently swept our Prison Break T5MG, and will now be forever enshrined in our hall of glory. So if we ever do, say, a Morgan Freeman list, you won't see "The Shawshank Redemption" show up on any of them. You'll get note of its inclusion in The Shrine, but otherwise, a completely new set of films will be presented for your reference.

So that's pretty much it. None of us expect the Shrine to fill up very fast, but that's kind of the point - the best of the best. The only other item to note is that this award is only achievable when all five lists are turned in. If it's a subject that has only four lists, even if it took the top spot on all four, it would not gain inclusion. It simply has to be #1 on all five lists in one post.

From this point forward, we'll keep the list up-to-date, and make sure to point out any and all new inductees. If you notice, there's now a tab on the far-right side of the menu bar that notes The Slackers Shrine. There, you can find a glorious landing spot for some of our "perfect" films from these posts; a place to stop by, show your respects, and reminisce with previous lists. We hope this is a gesture all can appreciate, and one that will better demonstrate some films that truly resonate with us as a group.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rare Behind-the-Scenes Footage from "Jurassic Park"

As most all of you know by now, "Jurassic Park" is my favorite film of all-time. It's the perfect combination for a film - always easy to watch, technically amazing, good characters, great story, thrilling, etc., etc. So anytime I come across info on the film, I feel the need to share it.

It was just last month that we got to check out the behind-the-scenes videos of the dinosaur puppets in the film. Now, recently surfacing, is a rare video featuring nearly 8 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the film. And honestly, this video is more interesting to me than those featuring the dinosaurs. I loved those videos, don't get me wrong, any time I can see cool behind-the-scenes footage from my favorite film, I'm all for it! But this video, featuring a younger Steven Spielberg going to work, is simply awe-inspiring to watch.

Check out the video after the break.

A Darker Superman?

The following post isn't a regular column. It's not a review or a posting of breaking news. It's simply my thoughts on what I've been hearing from the "Man of Steel" camp. I love Superman, and there are just some thoughts I feel need addressed.

What I've been hearing is a lot about people are expecting/hoping for a "darker Superman" in the upcoming film. They want him to be more relatable, less Batman. Now, don't get me wrong I am not saying Batman should be "lighter", I think that dark Batman works very well. I want a dark Superman like I want a bright Batman...I don't. So t
here's a line that should be drawn somewhere to preserve some semblance of the character in mention.

What I'm curious about, is what people want out of a darker Superman?

Top 5 Movie Guide: Prison Break Movies

In this edition of the Top 5 Movie Guide we dive right into what Snow (Guy Pearce) is trying to do in the just-released "Lockout": escape from prison. Yes, he went in voluntarily, but the escape won't be nearly as easy, assuming he even makes it out. So with that as inspiration for the list, we decided to compile our favorite films featuring a prison escape. Regardless of how they got in, all of the below films focus at least as aspect of the plot on the escape itself.

We left the category as open as that, so any parameters being put on will come directly from the individual writer. But other than that, hit the jump to see which films we call our Top Five Prison Escape Films.

“Sin City 2” To Begin Filming This Summer

It’s been seven years, seven long years since “Sin City” first stormed onto the big screen and blew audiences away. After its release, audiences, myself included, were instantly clamoring for a another film. So in a time where even the most mediocre films get sequels, I’ll assume you don’t need specific film references, I thought for sure a film as popular as “Sin City”, that also has plenty of subject matter to delve into, would be at the front of the line for the sequel treatment. But alas, since its release, we have been treated to seven years of rumors, false hopes, broken promises, and shattered dreams. If you detect a hint of bitterness in my tone, you would be right.

So here we are again, more supposed news regarding the sequel, which has been titled “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”. THS has reported that Dimension Films has secured financing from AR Films. That sounds great, and is probably legitimate, but you’ll have to forgive me if I remain hesitant. I’ve been hearing news like this for years now, so until I hear that cameras have started rolling, I’m not fully buying into it. But seeing as how I write for a blog, it remains my job to at least give you guys the details, and let you decide for yourselves if it is enough to instill hope that this film will finally happen.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Movie Review: "The Cabin in the Woods" by Ben Foutch

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
Director: Drew Goddard
Writer(s): Drew Goddard, Joss Whedon
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchinson, Fran Kranz, Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins, Jesse Williams
Run Time: 95 min

There is a lot of hype surrounding The Cabin in the Woods. Is it really “the horror film to end all horror films” as Joss Whedon boldly stated? Or does it fall short of expectations? One thing is for sure, you’ve never seen this before. Well, sort of…

The Next Day... The American Pie Franchise (Also, Spider-Man and The Breakfast Club)

Welcome to The Next Day... A reoccurring post exploring ideas on what may follow in the diegesis of a movie once the film has ended. I suppose these ideas could be classified fan-fiction, but lets not call it that. 

Don’t expect The Next Day articles to be limited to only providing possibilities on what happens the literal next day in the movie. Days, weeks, months or years down the road, or even seconds for that matter, will all be explorations taking place under this banner. Some articles may be presented as actual sequel ideas, such as the American Pie related write up below.

Before I dive into The Next Day of the American Pie franchise, I'll provide a little back-story on the genesis of this project after the jump.

Photo Bomb!

Thanks for checking out the first installment of the Photo Bomb! My hopes are that this will be a weekly round-up of all the new photos running around the internet from films that might be of interest to you. So instead of creating posts every couple of days on each individual set of photos, it seems more efficient to create one home for all of them; get all of your picture browsing taken care of in one shot (pun marginally intended). Hence the play on words for Photo Bomb...get it?

The first attempt at this post was really spurred on by the overflow of pics this week from a lot of really great looking films. I'm hoping that the amount of variety keeps up over the coming months/years, but this will be a pretty tough inaugural week to live up to.

So after the break, check out a lot of cool new photos from such films as "The Dark Knight Rises", "Skyfall", "Moonrise Kingdom", and "Serena". Plus, just because we're already looking at pictures anyway, we're going to throw in some of the highlights from Wednesday night's "The Avengers" premier too.

(NOTE: I know the post is a bit lengthy, so for those of you who dislike it, I apologize. But the layout, in sort of a filmstrip of sorts, was purposeful.)

Full Synopsis for “Django Unchained” Released

Right on the heels of The Weinstein Company showing the teaser poster for "Django Unchained", now they have released the full synopsis for Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti western, which will be released December 25th.

Read the Weinstein Company’s description of the film after the break.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New "Looper" Teaser Trailer

For those of you that might have missed it, a few days ago Derek Clem showed you the first of three behind-the-scenes featurettes for this film. Since then, two more have released (here and here). Well those were all leading up to the much-anticipated first trailer for the film, which debuted today. It's only a teaser, but it offers a great look into this world. It looks like it's going to be full of action and tons of fun.

We'll make you hit the jump for the actual video, which first hit today via Apple, but I highly recommend doing so. "Looper" looks like a really cool take on the time travel/sci-fi genre.

In Theaters This Weekend: April 13, 2012

In theaters this weekend, we have a full slate to chose from, and theoretically something that should appeal to almost any demographic. Unlike most weeks when we have one or maybe two wide-releases and a handful of limited-release films, this week there are three films that will be opening just about everywhere.

The film(s) you opt to see though, that's up to you. The big three this weekend are "Lockout", "The Cabin in the Woods", and "The Three Stooges". And regardless of your tastes, all seem to, at the very least, offer up well-made material.

“Django Unchained” Teaser Poster

Django UnchainedThe first official poster was revealed today for Quentin Tarantino's next project, “Django Unchained”. The Weinstein Company released the poster via Yahoo Movies.

The spaghetti western style film follows Django, a freed slave (Jamie Foxx), who with the help of a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz), becomes a bounty hunter himself. The two form a partnership, where Django helps Waltz's character take down some bad guys for money, and Waltz helps Django track down his wife, who was enslaved by a ruthless plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio).

The all-star cast also features the likes of Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Don Johnson, and Anthony LaPaglia. The film is slated to be released on Christmas day of this year.

The poster doesn’t exactly give much away, but its not like that’s really necessary. The revenge plot and star-studded cast are more than enough to spike my interest. Count this among the films I’m looking forward to the most this year.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another "The Avengers" Clip, This Time Featuring Tony Stark and Loki

If you haven't seen enough of "The Avengers" yet - and if you're like us, you haven't - then how about one more snippet before the film's official release, which is now less than a month away?

In this video, featured below, it's Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) talking it up with Loki (Tom Hiddleston). No one else appears in the clip, but it's some good dialogue between the two. What we basically get is Stark warning Loki of what he's doing, while also gracefully introducing him to the rest of the Avengers team.

This is really the first dialogue we get that doesn't show the team completely collapsing on itself. We all knew that would be an early plot point - any time you put that many egos in one room there's sure to be some setbacks. So it's nice to see Stark with confidence in his team; you can feel the compassion he has for them.

Anyway, check it out after the break.

"I Know That Voice" Trailer

Ever wondered who those people were behind some of your favorite cartoon characters? Or what about the voices for some of your favorite video game characters? Or maybe even just that guy who does the voice-overs for movie trailers? Well this new documentary, "I Know That Voice", aims to answer just those questions.

A trailer has just released for the upcoming film, and it looks pretty interesting. The trailer appears to give what we'd expect from a subject like this - a lot of different people who have worked on various different projects in the entertainment world, sitting down and telling some interesting story of their experiences and about the craft.

Check out the trailer after the break.