Slackers Selection CinemaCast: Episode 11

This week, we discuss our opinions on new releases "The Cabin in the Woods" and "Lockout", as well as the box office take and our reactions for "The Three Stooges".

Also, next week's incredibly weak selection, including "The Lucky One", "Think Like a Man", and "Chimpanzee". I guess this is a weekend for getting that second viewing in of something else still in theaters.

Plus, what we're watching, including the TERRIBLE "The Darkest Hour", "We Bought a Zoo", and "Johnny English Reborn".

And in the news world, the "Titanic" weekend box office record in China; and casting opinions for the next Hunger Games film.

And I do want to note - not sure what the technical mix-ups were, but some way or another, parts of the audio are a bit choppy at times. Generally, it's okay, but there are parts where it's not quite as good as usual. We'll try to correct it for next week, but hopefully it's all good enough to get the point across.

Thanks for listening!

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