Roger Ebert Accepts Key to City of Champaign

What a fitting way to start off our coverage of Ebertfest. Before we start getting into all of the specifics of the actual event itself, it seems significant and special to note this little story first.

Last night was the opening of the 14th annual Roger Ebert Film Festival. Beforehand, a reception was held at the University of Illinois President's house, wherein Champaign, IL mayor Don Gerard presented Roger Ebert with a key to the city. In response to the award, the witty critic replied: "When you get the key to the city, where is the lock?", communicated through his wife, Chaz. On top of this prestigious award, Ebert was also gifted a titanium Black Card by Jim Flaniken, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Steak 'n Shake, a restaurant chain that's grown to enormous popularity in the state.

I speak for all of us when I say that everyone here at the Slacker Selection Movie Blog would like to extend our fullest gratitude towards Mr. Ebert for all of his accomplishments in the film industry, and his continuous contributions that inspire all of us. He's provided sustenance for all of us with that unquenchable thirst for film.
Thank you and congratulations on your achievements.