New Trailers for "Brave" and "G.I. Joe:Retaliation"

It was only yesterday that Derek provided you with all of the most recent movie trailers floating around the internet. But the movie trailer world is fast moving, and generally, there's new content we can explore every day. Generally, I'd like to save any trailers that come up for that weekly post, but with two bigger movies with a lot of hype around them, it seems better to get them up now so you can watch them here. Plus, Derek does a great job on focusing on the lesser-publicized films most of the time anyway, so I don't think it'll be too much of a hindrance snatching these away from next week's post.

Anyway, today Disney released a new trailer for its upcoming film "Brave", and Paramount released its most recent trailer for "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" as well.

Check them both out after the break.

First, Disney's "Brave". Looks like we get a little more character stuff in this than what I've previously seen. The animation looks beautiful though, and the soundtrack seems really solid as well. The trailer is courtesy of Apple, and is set to hit theaters June 22, 2012 in 3D.

The other trailer debuting today gives us another look into the G.I. Joe sequel, "G.I. Joe: Retaliation". I had little interest in the first film going into it, and that was a good thing, because it wasn't very good. But this film actually looks like they fixed a lot of problems I had with the first film, and I might actually start to get a little hyped for this one. Check out all of the action below. This one courtesy of Machinima and is set for a June 29, 2012 release.

What do you guys think of the two trailers? Anything that gives you any more or less interest for either of these films?