The Trailer Park: The Aggression Scale, The Angels' Share, Area 407, The Art Of Rap, The Baytown Disco, Errors Of The Human Body, The Five Year Engagement, Here, The Impossible, Madea's Witness Protection, Nazis At The Center Of The Earth, Ruby Sparks, Surviving Progress, Your Sister's Sister, Virginia

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

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The Aggression Scale
Looks like we have a 'must see' on our hands. Kevin McCallister, Hit Girl, etc, and now this kid. Brutal children are awesome.

The Angels' Share
A dramedy where a man with a criminal past tries to shape up to give his new born son a chance at a nice life.

Area 407
A plane crashes in what looks to be Jurassic Park. One passenger with a camera and filmed the experience. Another take on the found footage thriller genre.

The Art Of Rap
A rap doc by Ice-T

The Baytown Disco
You know how Southern Rock is a genre of music, I can see Southern Action becoming a movie genre in the near future. Kind of an updated Smokey and the Bandit / Urban Cowboy era of film with its focuses on action.

Errors Of The Human Body
Not giving away much. All I really gathered was genetics and an overall creepy vibe.

The Five Year Engagement
Careful kids, This one's Red Band

A map maker travels to get lost.

The Impossible
Even though we don't have a version of this trailer in English yet, this trailer has got me hyped. I love the aesthetic.

Madea's Witness Protection
umm... hmm... what to say, what to say... OH!  Eugene Levy is in it!

Nazis At The Center Of The Earth
Two Words... JAKE! BUSEY!

Ruby Sparks
If this came out in the 70's and had less energy you'd think it was a Woddy Allen film. I want to see this.

Surviving Progress
A Scorsese produced Koyaanisqatsi without all that artsy nonsense.(note: Sarcasm is indeed intended. I love Koyaanisqatsi.)

Your Sister's Sister
To have the problems that guy has.

A lot of drama in this woman's life.