New "Cosmopolis" Trailer

A new trailer drops for David Cronenberg's latest film "Cosmopolis". The film stars Twilight's Robert Pattinson.

I have faith that if anyone can wash the Twilight stigma off of Pattinson, it's Cronenberg.

Do you think this film will take Pattinson's career to new levels of respect?


  1. I think this movie looks great. And I agree that Cronenberg is a great director to really shake that stigma around him right now.

    I think most of us at this blog are fine with Pattinson and can pretty easily look past the Twilight films (everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?). I hope this helps with the rest of the general public though.

  2. yeah, even with all the negative attention he gets, I've always found him to be a quality actor. He alone never bothers me in any of those Twilight movies.


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