The Slackers Shrine

With our most recent Top 5 Movie Guide, it got us thinking about the idea of a Hall of Fame of sorts for movies that have reached the absolute pinnacle in our Top 5 world - which is, of course, sweeping the #1 spot on all five lists.

It seems as if accomplishing such a feat will be quite rare, and thus, worthy of recognition. And so it was born: The Slackers Shrine. At first, it was just going to be as simple as including films to The Shrine that reach this height; a place for the highest-achieving films to gather at The Slackers Selection Movie Blog. But then it was decided to take it one step further: when a film accomplishes something like this, it's obvious that it's an extraordinary piece of work. And so, to limit future lists from being "bogged down" by a film that each of us regards so highly, we also decided that with inclusion to this Hall of Fame, films will also be removed from consideration for future Top 5 lists. It seems almost negative in a way, but in actuality, it's for the benefit of all of you, as readers. We decided that removing them from future contention provided the opportunity for even more variety on future lists. Of course, we'll always be sure to make note of The Slackers Shrine in subsequent and applicable Top 5 posts - we still want you to know it exists and that it resonates with us, it's just not there because it's already had its day and is considered a King among men.

For example, "The Shawshank Redemption" recently swept our Prison Break T5MG, and will now be forever enshrined in our hall of glory. So if we ever do, say, a Morgan Freeman list, you won't see "The Shawshank Redemption" show up on any of them. You'll get note of its inclusion in The Shrine, but otherwise, a completely new set of films will be presented for your reference.

So that's pretty much it. None of us expect the Shrine to fill up very fast, but that's kind of the point - the best of the best. The only other item to note is that this award is only achievable when all five lists are turned in. If it's a subject that has only four lists, even if it took the top spot on all four, it would not gain inclusion. It simply has to be #1 on all five lists in one post.

From this point forward, we'll keep the list up-to-date, and make sure to point out any and all new inductees. If you notice, there's now a tab on the far-right side of the menu bar that notes The Slackers Shrine. There, you can find a glorious landing spot for some of our "perfect" films from these posts; a place to stop by, show your respects, and reminisce with previous lists. We hope this is a gesture all can appreciate, and one that will better demonstrate some films that truly resonate with us as a group.