Movie Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's "Magic Mike"

A few months ago this film probably isn't being featured on this blog, let alone making the rounds it is on the internet right now. That is of course because the star of this film is Channing Tatum. But a lot has changed in that short amount of time (okay, really it's just been the release of "21 Jump Street"). That film shed a lot of the negativity around his name and, while still a comedic performance, showed audiences that he actually had some acting abilities hidden in there.

Anyway, the trailer featured after the break is for Steven Soderbergh's latest creation, "Magic Mike". It feels like forever ago that plans were announced for this, but if you can recall, the film, which stars Tatum, is actually based around a lot of the experiences he had himself as a male stripper before breaking in as an actor.

The film seems like a solid next step for Tatum and his new found appeal.

This film looks to be a nice blend of things we've already seen and know the actor can do well: comedy and dance. So I don't imagine Tatum will struggle much here. He looks loose and like he's having a good time with this, much as he did in "21 Jump Street". And though we don't get a lot of content featuring them, I like the supporting cast that includes Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey.

It looks like there's a pretty prototypical love story developing in there, so this might be a good one to check out with the girlfriend or wife ('cause I don't think she'll mind checking him it out). But I'd venture to guess there are worse romantic comedies out there than what this film will equate to.

What do you guys think? On the heals of "21 Jump Street" do you have any interest in this one?