Photo Bomb!

Thanks for checking out the first installment of the Photo Bomb! My hopes are that this will be a weekly round-up of all the new photos running around the internet from films that might be of interest to you. So instead of creating posts every couple of days on each individual set of photos, it seems more efficient to create one home for all of them; get all of your picture browsing taken care of in one shot (pun marginally intended). Hence the play on words for Photo Bomb...get it?

The first attempt at this post was really spurred on by the overflow of pics this week from a lot of really great looking films. I'm hoping that the amount of variety keeps up over the coming months/years, but this will be a pretty tough inaugural week to live up to.

So after the break, check out a lot of cool new photos from such films as "The Dark Knight Rises", "Skyfall", "Moonrise Kingdom", and "Serena". Plus, just because we're already looking at pictures anyway, we're going to throw in some of the highlights from Wednesday night's "The Avengers" premier too.

(NOTE: I know the post is a bit lengthy, so for those of you who dislike it, I apologize. But the layout, in sort of a filmstrip of sorts, was purposeful.)

First up, the newest pictures from "The Dark Knight Rises". There are six images below, and most none too exciting (Bruce Wayne in a bathrobe? Thanks for the scoop EW!). But we do get to see Catwoman in full costume, and that's a pretty good full look at Bane too. These photos are courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, scanned straight from the magazine, so the quality isn't spectacular. The film is set to hit theaters July 20, 2012.

Next are the "Skyfall" images, which previously surfaced at Collider. Again, not the most exciting crop of pictures, but we get to see some of the other cast members in this batch. And there's a nice peak at Bond's car, which is always an iconic part of these movies. Plus don't miss these featurettes on the newest Bond Girls, Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe, courtesy of IMDb. This film is set to release November 9, 2012.

Then a whole slew from Wes Anderson's upcoming project, "Moonrise Kingdom". I dig the look of these pictures and I'm really interested in this movie. I've always been a fan of Anderson's work, and this looks to be perfect for the themes and styles he likes to explore. The film will debut May 25, 2012.

And here's the first official photo from the upcoming film "Serena". You might not have heard much about this film yet, but it actually sounds like it could be pretty good. It's directed by Susan Bier ("The Things We Lost in the Fire", "Open Hearts"), and stars, as you'll see in the picture, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. This one is set for a 2013 release date, but nothing more official than that yet.

And just to wrap everything up, below are photos from Wednesday night's "The Avengers" premier in Los Angeles. From the sounds of it, the overall first reactions on the film are incredibly positive. This is of course great to hear, but I didn't expect much less. Unless they were to pull an "X-Men: The Last Stand" - which I wouldn't expect at all since Marvel is actually behind this project - it should be a really fun movie. This is just a small sampling of the highlights, but if you need more "The Avengers" coverage, SuperHero Hype has the documentation on all 99 photos.

What do you guys think? Which photos get you the most excited for its movie?