The Slackers' Top 5 Films to Look Forward to in November

If you're a regular reader of this site, then you know just how much we love lists. They're by no means a definitive perspective on anything, but they're fun to look at and to get an idea of what someone else with similar interests as yourself might be thinking - or in this scenario, what an entire group of individuals comes to agreement on. We got our first taste of these group lists when we composed our own Greatest Movies of All-Time, which turned out really well.

As you've already seen with the first installment of this post (last month), these will be a regular post appearing at (or near) the beginning of every month. It's just a fun way to preview the titles ahead, and give you a brief look into what some of us over here, collectively, are thinking about the selection.

There's no way in knowing what these films might hold, and we're not trying to say this grouping of films will be the best of the month; but the list will feature five films that, as a group, are our most anticipated.

Hit the jump for the ranking and a few details on the five films that this site see as the most anticipated for the month of November!

For those of you looking for a detailed description of how the selections were determined, please reference the rules as outlined in our Greatest Films post. It's pretty basic stuff though - we all chose five films, and points were awarded to each; the five highest vote-getting titles were compiled and ranked. Easy enough, but still effective. So without further ado, the films we here at the Slackers Selection Movie Blog are collectively looking forward to most in the coming month:

     1. Skyfall - 22 Points
     November 9 - U.S. Wide Release
This film earned the most points from our staff by a fairly wide margin. It would have been interesting to do this list a month ago and see if it fared so well. But reviews have been amazing so far, and this looks like it could be one of the most entertaining films of the year.
     2. Lincoln - 16 Points
     November 16 - Wide Release

Can Steven Spielberg live up to the Oscar hype this year? Last year's "War Horse" was something of a let down, but hopes are high that this Abraham Lincoln biopic will pull on all the right strings. Daniel Day-Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones have both earned very strong praises so far.
     3. Silver Linings Playbook - 15 Points
     November 21 - Wide Release

The 2, 3, & 4 films were all so close. This looks like it could provide that perfect dramedy tone, and with such a strong cast in place, the Oscar buzz around this one seems valid. Could Bradley Cooper earn a Best Actor nomination?
     4. Flight - 14 Points
     November 2 - Wide Release

You may very well be seeing three of the five Best Actor nominations in this film and the previous two, all over the course of three weeks time. Robert Zemeckis has provided plenty of great quality in the past, and his team-up with Denzel Washington here looks like a winning combination.
     5. Killing Them Softly - 4 Points
     November 30 - Wide Release

Rounding out this list is this Brad Pitt starring crime drama. There's an outside chance Pitt sneaks into the awards discussion with this film, though it seems unlikely with so many strong performances this year. Regardless, Pitt always seems to put together strong performances, and there's a chance this gritty mob movie could play well.

So those are the films that we as a group see as the most anticipated for the month. As I stated in the intro, take this for what you will. These aren't necessarily going to be the best films of the month - or even pan out to be the most entertaining films - but as of right now, with the entire month ahead of us, these are the titles that we see as having the potential to provide the most quality/entertainment/enjoyment.

Those are our picks though. Any other titles you'd like to see on this list?

Be sure to check back next month for our top choices for December!