The Slackers' Top 5 Films to Look Forward to in October

If you're a regular reader of this site, then you know just how much we love lists. They're by no means a definitive perspective on anything, but they're fun to look at and to get an idea of what someone else with possibly similar interest as yourself might be thinking. And when we pull together collaborative lists (first seen with our Greatest Movies of All-Time list), it adds some depth, and a pretty solid universal mindset on the group here towards a certain subject.

We have plenty more of these types of lists in the works, but today, we're rolling out a collective list that will be featured on the first day of every month moving forward (I know we're a day late with our first post, but come on, we're slackers). Anyway, the focus of this list will be to highlight our most anticipated films of the coming month. We'll try to avoid listing films we will have already seen (in case it ever comes up), and will try to include as many wide releases as possible (though, with it getting down to awards season, you'll probably see more limited releases than usual).

There's no way in knowing what these films might hold, and we're not trying to say this grouping of films will be the best of the month; but the collective list will feature five films that, as a group, are our most anticipated.

We'll provide details on each selection chosen, and discuss why it might be one of the better films to look forward to. So hit the jump and see what the unofficial Top 5 films from this site are for the month of October!

For those of you looking for a detailed description of how the selections were determined, please reference the rules as outlined in our Greatest Films post. It's pretty basic stuff though - we all chose five films, and points were awarded to each; the five highest vote-getting titles were compiled and ranked. Easy enough, but still effective. So without further ado, the films we here at the Slackers Selection Movie Blog are collectively looking forward to most in the coming month:

     1. Cloud Atlas - 24 Points
     October 26 - Wide Release
If you can do the math, that's four #1 selections and one #2. Clearly the top favorite amongst this group for the month though. This one takes place over various time periods, all with connecting stories of relationships and personal connections, showing how the actions of one in the past or future can impact the lives of others.

With its epic scale and ensemble cast, mixed with sci-fi and futuristic elements, most everything about this film lends itself well to this group. Expect this to be a player come awards season too, so this one might be a duel threat - both entertaining and prestigious.
     2. Argo - 16 Points
     October 12 - Wide Release

Directed by Ben Affleck and taking place in the 1970's, this true story tells of a far-fetched plan the CIA constructed to free some American hostages from Iran. Reviews have been great for this one out of the various film festivals it attended, and it's looking like this could be Affleck's best directorial effort to date.And with a supporting cast of John Goodman, Bryan Cranston and Alan Arkin, this one looks not only like a great thrill ride, but one of the better crafted films of the year.

Much like "Cloud Atlas", expect this to be a big player come awards season.
     3. Sinister - 12 Points
     October 12 - Wide Release

This is the only film other than "Cloud Atlas" that appeared on all five lists. It hit fairly low on all, but there's still something to be said about being decent enough to entertain each of our interests. The horror film stars Ethan Hawke as a man who, along with his family, moves into a new house, inside of which a family was previously murdered. Hawke's character, a crime novelist, starts uncovering clues as to why the family before them was murdered, trying not to put his own family in danger along the way.

It looks like we can expect a few scares here, and we're hoping that this one can provide something more fun than some of the other substandard releases this past year.
     4. Seven Psychopaths - 8 Points
     October 12 - Wide Release

A rare crime comedy. With an ensemble cast featuring the likes of Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken, this one looks like it has the potential to be a lot of fun. The film centers around a man (Farrell) who becomes entangled with the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his friends inadvertently kidnap a gangster's beloved dog.

This quirky film is directed by the same man who last made "In Bruges" (Martin McDonagh), so there is hope here that this film will play as well as his previous. The scale is a bit bigger here, and the cast even stronger, so it seems the pieces are at least in place.
     5. Alex Cross - 5 Points
     October 19 - Wide Release

The last film making the cut this week was "Alex Cross". A crime thriller, this one puts Tyler Perry in the lead role as Alex Cross, a man taking the law into his own hands as he tries to track down a torturous murderer with sights on his family. Matthew Fox will play the villain here, and if you've seen the trailers or photos for the film, he looks absolutely insane.

Not much to base our feelings on for this film yet other than a few trailers (no reviews; no festivals), but it looks like it could be an enjoyable thrill ride. One to keep an eye on, for sure.

So those are the films that we as a group see as the most anticipated for the moth. As I stated in the intro, take this for what you will. These aren't necessarily going to be the best films of the month, or even pan out to be some of the most entertaining films, but as of right now, with the entire month ahead of us, these are the titles that have the potential to provide the most quality/entertainment/enjoyment.

Those are our picks though - any other titles you'd have on this list?

Be sure to check back next month for our top choices for November!