The Trailer Park: Computer Chess, From Up On Poppy Hill, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Spring Breakers (RED BAND), Zero Charisma, The Lords of Salem

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

As always, put on your John Nada sunglasses before the jump or...submit to the advertising.

Slim Pickin's today. From The looks of it, nobody wanted to compete with the Super Bowl Trailers. If you're looking for the trailers featured during the Superbowl, you can find them here.

Computer Chess
Oh shoot! I thought this was actual archival footage put to use in a new documentary. Bravo, you had me fooled.

From Up On Poppy Hill
While it could just be the trailer, It appears to lack the thrusting adventure element other Miyazaki films contain.

Somebody Up There Likes Me
Indie coming of age story. Looks like there's a few laughs in there. Nick Offerman fans will be all over it.

Spring Breakers (RED BAND)
Unfortunately it's not Red Band in the way I had hoped. Just some extra swearing and such.

Zero Charisma
While I don't RPG, MMO, Game or whatever the proper term is, those people make up some of my best friends. I can get behind this flick

The Lords of Salem

Second trailer we've seen for this film, this one a bit more conventional than the previous. You can still see typical Rob Zombie style though.