The Slackers' Top 5 Films to Look Forward to in February

If you're a regular reader of this site, then you know just how much we love lists. They're by no means a definitive perspective on anything, but they're a fun way to look at what an entire group of individuals comes to agreement on. At this point we've compiled a few special edition group lists, including our Greatest Movies of All-Time and Favorite Horror Films of All-Time, both of which turned out really well.

As you've already seen with previous installments of this post, these aren't anything overly technical - and in many cases, we're not able to base our opinions on much more than some trailers - but it's a fun way to preview the titles ahead and give you a brief look into what some of us over here, collectively, think is the best ahead.

There's no way in knowing what these films might hold, and we're not trying to say this grouping of films will necessarily be the best of the month, but these are the titles we're most looking forward to as a group.

Hit the jump for the ranking and a few details on the five films that this site sees as the most anticipated for the month of February!

For those of you looking for a detailed description of how the selections were determined, please reference the rules as outlined in our Greatest Films post. It's pretty basic stuff though - we all choose five films, and points are awarded to each; the five highest vote-getting titles are compiled and ranked. Easy enough, but still effective. So without further ado, the films we here at the Slackers Selection Movie Blog are collectively looking forward to most in the coming month:

     5. Snitch - 2 Points
     February 22 - U.S. Wide Release

This film only landed on one list, but it still fared better than some of the other titles though (really, was there any good options for this fifth spot?). "Snitch" stars Dwayne Johnson as a father who goes undercover for the DEA in order to rescue his imprisoned son. Think "Taken" but without the same level of acting and probably overall production.
     4. Warm Bodies - 7 Points
     February 1 - Wide Release

We discussed this film on this week's CinemaCast, and it was detailed on yesterdays Weekend Releases post as this film, along with one other on this list hits theaters today. As we've all kind of mentioned, this seems to be meant mostly for the Twilight crowds, but it appears there's a bit more here than what most of those films offered. Reviews have been positive so far, and it looks like if you're into zombies, this could be a humorous and fresh take on the genre.
     3. A Good Day to Die Hard - 13 Points
     February 14 - Wide Release

This landed this high only because of our familiarity and history with this character (and for a lack of options). We're all in agreement that the film doesn't look very good, but hey, at least we get to see John McClane back to work hopefully keeping his wit sharp. Plus, unlike the last installment, "Live Free of Die Hard", this one is rated-R, which is a good thing. Production values should at least be high here, and if you're looking for an action movie, there are worse options.
     2. Bullet to the Head - 14 Points
     February 1 - Wide Release

Sylvester Stallone's latest action piece. This film too releases today. It's sat with mixed results amongst critics, but so far it's at least doing better than recent titles like "The Last Stand" and "Parker". We don't expect this film to be amazing, but it should be one of the better pure action movies you'll see in the first quarter of the year.
     1. Side Effects - 15 Points
     February 8 - Wide Release

And our most anticipated film of February is: Steven Soderbergh's "Side Effects". The thriller stars Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara, and Jude Law, and centers around the side effects that come along with a new prescription drug for anxiety that Mara's character has just started taking. This has a solid cast and a director we're comfortable with, so if nothing else, those seem like the biggest reasons for this spot on this list. This should be a decent theater option for most audiences.

So those are the films that we as a group see as the most anticipated for the month. As I stated in the intro, take this for what you will. These aren't necessarily going to be the best films of the month - or even pan out to be the most entertaining films - but as of right now, with the entire month ahead of us, these are the titles that we see as having the potential to provide the most quality/entertainment/enjoyment.

Those are our picks though. Any other titles you'd like to see on this list?

Be sure to check back next month for our top choices for March!