The Trailer Park: Rapturepalooza, Iron Man 3, Epic, The Hangover Part III, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, After Earth, Milius, To the Wonder, Monsters University,The Bling Ring, Star Trek Into Darkness, Generation Um...

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish movie trailers lurking around the internet.

I'm filling in for Derek this week while he's in Los Angeles trying to be famous (and also visit family), so I'll do my best to live up to the level he's set with this post.

As always, put on your John Nada sunglasses before the jump or...submit to the advertising.

We'll start with this RED-BAND trailer for "Rapturepalooza". It looks like there will be some funny stuff in here, and I really do like the cast (nice to see the Freaks & Geeks kid getting some work!), but overall I just felt like they were really trying too hard. It's "Zombieland" trying much harder than "Zombieland" did. I'll still be interested to see a bit more from this one though.

Iron Man 3
This is the latest international trailer for the film, and I'm positive it's the best one yet. Lots of new footage for the film that has me pretty interested. I loved the first film, but the sequel did very little for me. The darker themes here seem like a good direction.

Sticking with our international theme, here's another, this time for "Epic". I have little interest in this film, but at least the animation looks good. This is where you really miss Derek's contributions - he has much stronger feelings on animated films than myself.

The Hangover Part III
The first trailer for this, the third and final chapter to the Hangover trilogy. All I can say is this at least looks better than the second film. And I do like the John Goodman cameo.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
This film opens next weekend, and this is probably the final trailer we'll see, done in the style of a promo ad for Bally's Casino. I like the retro feel for the trailer, but the content was far less than what we've already seen. By now though you probably know whether you're going to see this or not.

After Earth
I love that M. Night Shyamalan still doesn't get his name referenced anywhere on this trailer. That's how much of a poison he is right now. I'm still not sold on this film, and I'm definitely going to need to hear more of the voices/accents that both Smiths are trying to pull off before I decide anything.

This is a documentary about the filmmaker John Milius, who helped create such films as Dirty Harry, Conan the Barbarian and Apocalypse Now. All of the filmmakers in the trailer seem to talk very highly of the man. This is definitely a film I'll be checking out at some point.

To the Wonder
The newest trailer for Terrence Malick's latest film. I like the cast, and as we'd expect, the cinematography and score seem magnificent. I'm not necessarily excited about this film, but I'm sure it'll be one worth checking out.

Monsters University
Another international trailer and another animated film. This really threw me off when I didn't hear John Goodman and Billy Crystal, but I guess unlike other international films/trailers, it surely is easy enough to completely dub over all of the dialogue. Still, if you're interested in the animation stylings, this will at least give you a taste of that.

The Bling Ring
It's nice to see Emma Watson doing well for herself post-Harry Potter. I dig the tones and style here, and the music is a good choice. I haven't been a huge Sofia Coppola fan in the past, and this might miss with me too, but I think this will find an audience.

Star Trek Into Darkness
This trailer gets a little Tron-y at times, but I still like most of what I see here (and I liked "Tron: Legacy", so that wasn't even an insult). The first film really impressed me a few years ago, and I'd never seen any of the previous Star Trek movies or television episodes. It looks like we'll see quite a bit more action this time around, I just hope it doesn't come at the expense of character development.

Generation Um...
I wanted to make a joke about this film being last and least, but this actually looks all right. I think it will be refreshing to see Reeves in a role like this; one that might be a bit closer to home than some of the other things he's done recently. Unfortunately, this film is made for the generation between myself and my parents, so I won't be able to directly relate, but I think people in their mid-30's to early-40's should find some value here.