The Trailer Park: Epic, The Kings of Summer, Riddick, Trance, Turbo, We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks, Welcome To The Punch, The Wolverine, World War Z

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The 3D animation looks fine and all, but my nostalgic tendencies just wants this to be the 2D animated FernGully from my childhood. And I only sort of liked FernGully.

The Kings Of Summer
The quotes in the trailer sing high praises for this movie, but the clips in the trailer don't give us much to buy into those quotes. I think we'll need another trailer before we can truly know what we'll be getting out of this movie.

This is a franchise I'm not passionate about, yet I really want to see it succeed. It has a slight aura of being related to Tough Guy Movies that Arnold and Sly blessed us with so long ago. Plus this teaser doesn't look half bad. Riddick battling dragons? I'm cool with that.

Danny Boyle's sensibilities are so kinetic!

A highly ridiculous concept. Plus it's like they're trying to tap into the success of Pixar's Cars. It's just a really funny way of going about it.

We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks
This whole thing is so interesting.

Welcome To The Punch
I'm not really sure what's going on in this trailer. All I see is a lot of movement and a lot of action, so if you're into that, this may be the movie for you!

The Wolverine
A little teaser for the Wolverine trailer, introduced by Hugh Jackman himself!

World War Z
Brad Pitt has done Vampires and now Zombies. He better take on a Wolfman project real soon!