The Trailer Park: Big-Ass Spider!, Fast And Furious 6, Hours, Jack The Giant Slayer, Monsters University, Phil Spector, Room 237

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

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Big-Ass Spider!
Its funny that bad CGI can even topple a B-movie. Though they seem minimally used, I do like seeing some old fashioned practical effects being put to use here.

Fast And Furious 6
More information on what the Superbowl add didn't have enough time to tell us. Still looks very exciting! It would be great if it can top Fast 5 on all accounts.

Voted as SSMB's sexiest man alive, Paul Walker stars in this life or death drama where he fights to keep his newborn child alive amidst the rising waters of Hurricane Katrina.

Jack The Giant Slayer
Not even rock music over an action packed trailer can convince me that this will be a good movie. Too bad, too, as I love Singer's work and find him to be an exceptional director. I guess you've gotta have a flop somewhere on your resume. This will be his.

Monsters University
It looks like it will be pretty funny. Though you have to wonder if their (Pixar's) efforts would feel more rewarding had they just made an original script dealing with new characters heading to collage rather than using characters that we've already met before. Like I said though, Still looks pretty funny.

Phil Spector
I'm really loving this Al Pacino renaissance happening in made for TV movies.

Room 237
The trailer doesn't give us much, but we do know that this film covers some of the different conspiracy theories and possibly meanings people have attached to Stanley Kubrick's famous film, The Shining.