BonusCast: Oscar Predictions

As this year's Oscars are now just days away, we decided to get one last word in detailing some of our favorites, predictions, and upsets. The awards gang is back, with Alex, Derek, and Nathan, all three giving their picks to win awards in each category.

A few quick stats of note before we really dig in. Of the 24 total awards being presented, we are in complete agreement on 10 of them, all thinking the same film/filmmaker will win the award. On the flip-side, in only one category do all three of us differ - and what's interesting is that it's in one of the biggest categories!

Breaking down films that received picks from at least two of us, the numbers come out to "Les Miserables" taking home the most awards, with four. "Argo" and "Life of Pi" each received picks from at least two of us to receive three different awards, and "Silver Linings Playbook" and "Anna Karenina" got the majority for two different awards. Interestingly, "Lincoln", the film with the most overall nominations (12), was only selected by at least two of us to win one award.

Tons of great content to listen to below, and a great recap to get you all caught up before hitting that Oscar party Sunday night!