In Theaters This Weekend: January 11, 2013

As a wise man once said, "Soylent Green is People!" - Det. Robert Thorn, aka Charlton Heston. How that applies to this post is beyond me but I felt it needed to be said either way. In all reality though, welcome back ladies and lads, we have a nice little one-two punch lined up for your reading pleasure today.

Two movies will be hitting theaters in wide release this coming weekend in "Gangster Squad" and "A Haunted House". If you make a spoof of a spoof does it become a serious movie? I can't imagine so but I can tell you that I am not all that enthused for a comedy version of "Paranormal Activity". I'm not saying it won't be funny or entertaining, because I'm sure it will be on some levels, I am simply saying that I won't be rushing to the theater to check it out. "Gangster Squad", on the other hand, I have a bit more intrigue about. If you want my full views on both then hit the jump and let's keep the trail a'blazin!

"Gangster Squad" is a star-studded ensemble piece helmed by up-and-coming director - most noted for his first full length feature film, "Zombieland" - Ruben Fleischer. For a list of the cast involved I could go on for days; instead I'll just hit you with a couple of the big names going down: Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling. Without even knowing the premise of the movie you have my attention with those names. I know those people can bring things to the table that I enjoy watching, and I know they will entertain me with a wide array of acting performances. Shoot, I mean, no matter what, this movie is going to be fun! The basic plot centers around a group of law men who decide it's time to end the racketeering going on in their city. With the unofficial "go ahead" from their higher up, they forgo their badges to take to the streets to end the crime for good. They bring gangsters some of the medicine they have been dishing out for so long, and make them take a heaping spoonful!

"A Haunted House" is the other movie coming out, written by and starring Marlon Wayans. It appears to be loosely affiliated with the Scary Movie franchise - it is close enough in its overall...spirit (ghost joke) for me to just throw a number on the end of the title and consider it one from the same series. It's directed by newcomer Michael Tiddes. With this being his first feature film, I am excited for him to get the chance to work on something like this. Everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone. Even though most people may not think about those big-wig directors ever doing anything small, I guarantee you that they did. Most don't enter into Hollywood with a huge hit, and I think that if this guy plays his cards right and makes some connections, he could stand a chance. That's purely speculative of course as I have never seen any of his work, it just always puts a smile on my face to see a newcomer joining up.

As far as money goes, I think "Gangster Squad" will probably come out on top, at least between the two of them. "A Haunted House" has the young, comedy crowd - which can be a big seller if it means to be - but it's hindered by the fact that its an R-rated comedy. "Gangster Squad", on the other hand, while still having that strict rating, is a period piece based on the 1940's (I'm sorry to call that a period piece to anyone born in or before the 40's...I guess it just means you can leave some comments on what you remember of the era down below!). I'm no scholar or mathematician, but I am willing to stake that these movies will make money, like at least....twelve dollars or more. Honestly, the truth is, I have no idea on how much the movies will make. People could say $15MM and I would nod in agreement or you could say $20MM and I would nod just the same. Maybe if you start throwing out things like $100MM I would say you are doing something wrong. But who knows...I don't. Let's just see where the weekend takes us and we'll go from there.

It's been grand, its been fun. Let's do it again sometime.