Happy Birthday To Us!

Well, if you needed even one more example of how we're Slackers over here, this seems a pretty good one. Yesterday marked one of the more special days for this site, as internally it was an early goal of all of ours to still be around and kicking at this time. We had nothing major planned for the day, but were still proud to showcase our mini milestone. That was the plan at least. But unfortunately, that day was yesterday.

Yep, we forgot our own damn birthday! The big oh-one.

While in one year's time we might not have gotten much better with our proverbial slacking, we're still very excited to be generating content and new readers at this point. As stated above, this is simply a mini milestone for us, as we have hopes to stick around for at least a bit longer.

We've never had problems saying so, but this seems like a great time to reiterate just how thankful we are to our fans and readers who have supported us over this past year. We're well aware that none of this happens without you.

So please, join us in belatedly celebrating the site's one year anniversary! We've had a blast providing the content we have, and we hope you've had enjoyable times as well. Here's to the next year!