Slackers Selection CinemaCast: Episode 40

Thanks for checking out this week's edition of the Slackers Selection CinemaCast!

Only three of us were able to make the call this week, but we still managed to get in plenty of great discussions on a handful of note-worthy films. No one got around to "Playing for Keeps", but between the three of us, this week we saw "Anna Karenina", "Life of Pi", "Argo", and "Beasts of the Southern Wild", all of which are currently playing in theaters around the country.

Next week's crop contains just one title: "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". We go into some of our thoughts on the film and what we expect. The conversation might be some of the most fun we've ever had on one of these!

Outside of theaters the only film hitting our radars was the Anniversary Edition of "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial", which recently came out on blu-ray. Even all these years later, it's still a great film.

Just under an hour this week; be sure to give it a listen because we have a lot of fun!

Bonus Cast!

Check out this fun little excerpt from before last week's CinemaCast. We really let our nerd show here, as, among other things, we casually discuss possible infidelity in the 'Lord of the Rings' movies, the physics behind Batman's BatPlane in "The Dark Knight Rises", why Alfred should or should not have left Bruce Wayne, and more! Give it a listen and see how everything comes together before the main event!