Due To Pure Friendship

For anyone who regularly reads our site, you know that we generally like to get a new CinemaCast up every Tuesday. Unfortunately  that will not be the case this week. Besides the fact that Thanksgiving was around us and we like to celebrate a good holiday as much as the next chum, all five of us actually found ourselves in the same city over the weekend, and we had to take advantage of a situation that had not occurred at any point over the previous two years.

You might think that having all of us in the same room together might actually lead to a better CinemaCast than we're used to; while the science might be right there, we decided to take a break from our work and get in some good old fashioned friendship. This is why posts such as the Weekend Box Office Report, The Trailer Park, and even the Blu-Ray & DVD Releases were missed over the past few days. We should be back on track by tomorrow with our latest Top 5 Movie Guide, so from here on out, expect things to be back to normal.

We apologize to all of our loyal readers who saw a noticeable dip in attention to the site over the last week, but we hope that everyone can appreciate the need to take a step back for a few days, get in some quality hangout, and recharge our batteries!

Expect an extended CinemaCast next week, detailing all we missed over the previous two weeks. Thanks for continuing to read our site and listen to our opinions!

Proof that we were together. This was taken Saturday, November 24 at one of our favorite Champaign, IL bars!