Photo Bomb!

Thanks for checking out the latest edition of Photo Bomb!, your weekly roundup of all movie-related photos and posters floating around the internet.

Not the most content we've ever seen before, but plenty of good stuff from some pretty solid looking films. Films with new photos include "Noah", "Flight", "Ten", "Lay the Favorite", "A Good Day to Die Hard", and "Iron Man 3".

And we have some new posters for the films "Iron Man 3", "Django Unchained", "Wreck-It Ralph", "Save the Date", "Skyfall", "Life of Pi", "Warm Bodies", and "Killing Them Softly".

A pretty efficient week, so let's get to it. Hit the jump for this week's newest content!

We'll start again with more photos from "Noah", the film that also grabbed the top spot in this post last week. Those featured some of the first images of Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly in wardrobe. This week it's our first images of Ray Winstone, who will be playing Noah's nemesis in the film. If nothing else, it looks like we have some great beards to look forward to in 2014. (Daily Mail)

Lots of new ones this week for Robert Zemeckis' latest, "Flight". The film stars Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Melissa Leo, and Bruce Greenwood. The film is now only one week away, and my anticipation levels continue to rise for this one with every coming day. I'm hoping for great things! (Collider)

We only have one image from David Ayer's next film, "Ten", but it's the first, and it's of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ayer was the writer behind "Training Day" and this year's "End of Watch", so we know he can produce a solid drug/cop drama (which is what this is). There are plenty of great names in this one too, including Sam Worthington and Josh Holloway - two guys who could really use a gritty David Ayer cop drama to give them a bit of a boost; I'm looking forward to seeing what both of them can do. Arnold is starting to look a bit better as well - you can see that he's starting to put on a bit of muscle. The film will release sometime in 2013, and already I know I'll hit the theater for this one. (Twitter)

I remember seeing the first trailer for "Lay the Favorite" some time ago, and it appears now that the film is actually nearing a release date, they've released a few new images. Most of these focus on one of the lead actors in the film, Rebecca Hall, but there are also glimpses of Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I'm pretty sure I'm interested in this. Rebecca Hall is looking great, and that might be reason enough to check this one out. It hits theaters December 7, 2012. (The Playlist)

Let's continue with our Bruce Willis coverage and detail a few of the new images for the fifth Die Hard film, "A Good Day to Die Hard". I'm hoping for better things with this picture than what the fourth film provided (though I know many people enjoyed that installment quite a bit). At this point though, let's just keep churning them out. Much like Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones (though on completely different levels), I'll watch this guy as this character as many times as you'll offer it. The film gets its theatrical release on February 14, 2013. (Kinopoisk)

Our last segment for the Photos section this week are a handful of new ones from Marvel Studios' next film, "Iron Man 3". All of the same players are back for round three, and if you saw the first trailer for the film, this one looks quite a bit darker than previous installments. I still think the first Iron Man film is one of the better superhero movies ever, so it'll take quite the effort to surpass that, but this looks pretty promising so far. It opens in 3D on May 3, 2013. (Entertainment Weekly & Facebook)

And as we're speaking of "Iron Man 3", here's the first teaser poster that's been released for the film. It isn't much, but I'm not sure what else we should expect from a "teaser" poster. It's cool to see all of the different suits in the background though. (ComingSoon)

Continuing on through the Movie Posters section, here's a new one for "Django Unchained". This is an international poster that follows in the footsteps of the international trailer that was also just released. I think this film is quickly becoming my most anticipated of the year. It hits theaters Christmas Day of 2012. (Moviefanatic)

And keeping with the international posters, here's a new one for "Wreck-It Ralph". I've seen much better design from this picture than this, but I'm sure the marketing people know what they're doing. It's nice to see Sonic and others tucked away at the top of the poster, I just wish they were more prominently displayed. The animated feature opens next week, November 2nd. (IMP Awards)

Here's the first poster for romantic comedy, "Save the Date". It sounds lame to say, but this looks right up my alley. I really enjoy well-made independent films like this, and everything here seems pretty appealing to me. The entire cast is fantastic - especially the two leading ladies - and I really like that it's produced by the same people who made "The Kids Are All Right", one of my favorite movies of 2010. The film will get various release platforms over the coming months, and should be available to everyone before 2013. Also, check out the trailer for the film at the link to the right. (The Film Stage)

As much as I'm getting excited for films like "Django Unchained" and "Flight", "Skyfall" might be the fastest rising. I've never really anticipated a Bond movie before, and I haven't even seen most of them. But this one has critics reeling. Many are stating that this might be the best Bond movie ever. It will hit U.S. theaters November 9, 2012, and IMAX theaters, for which this is a poster for, November 8th. (HeyUGuys)

I still don't know what to think of "Life of Pi", but critical feedback has been very positive so far, and you can't deny the fantastic imagery present. This poster isn't as great as what I've seen in the past, but it isn't bad. It has a release date listed as December 20th, but that's because this is the U.K. poster, and that is the date it will release there. In the States, you can look forward to it on November 21st. (Empire)

I really don't know anything about the upcoming "Warm Bodies", but there seems to be a bit of a buzz for it online. I'm a fan of any type of zombie movie, so I'm already at least intrigued with the picture. I like that John Malkovich is in the film, but I don't have any other thoughts than that. The film is an adaptation of Isaac Marion's novel of the same name, so if you're familiar with the book, it might provide some insight. Anyway, the zombie love story of sorts will hit theaters February 1, 2013. (Shock Til You Drop)

And we'll finish things up with some more solid posters from "Killing Them Softly". My first thought here is that this film continues to roll out great poster after great poster; my very quick second thought is, why has this film released about eight thousand posters over the last three months or so? Don't get me wrong, I've loved just about every one of them, but this is madness! It's surely more than any movie in the history of movies. Anyway, I like these first two quite a bit but I'm not in love with the third. They all fit similar styles that the studio has used to market the film thus far. The Brad Pitt-starring crime drama hits theaters November 30, 2012. (VICE)

That's what we're looking at this week. Anything in particular stand out to you?