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Thanks for checking out the latest edition of Photo Bomb!, your weekly roundup of all movie-related photos and posters floating around the internet.

Fairly light on the photos this week, but we make up for it in the massive amount of posters released. In terms of new images though, we have stuff from "A Good Day to Die Hard", "Horns", "The Butler", "Hitchcock", "Iron Man 3", "Movie 43", and "The Lone Ranger".

As far as movie posters go, this is one of the stronger weeks we've had in quite some time. We feature new material from "The Lone Ranger", "The Sessions", "Zero Dark Thirty", "Smiley", "Parker", "The Guilt Trip", "Broken City", "Flight", "Jack Reacher", "The Paperboy", "Killing Them Softly", and "Frankenweenie".

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We'll start with the first official image from "A Good Day to Die Hard". This is the fifth film of this franchise, and one in which our hero, John McClane, joins his son in Russia for a big mission. I'm always down with more Bruce Willis action, but the last film, "Live Free of Die Hard", didn't do much for me. I'm hoping this will be a rebound for the series. It will hit theaters February 14, 2012. (Entertainment Weekly)

We move next to the first image from "Horns", a supernatural fantasy/thriller in which Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) awakens to find he's sprouted horns. And what's more, he soon realizes that the confession of sins to him by others feeds his powers and makes him stronger. This seems intriguing, and if this is done right, it might be a great next step for Radcliffe, still struggling to step out of his Harry Potter shadow. You'd think this film would still play to the tweener crowd, but with further plot details revolving around him tracking down the murderer and rapist of his girlfriend, this might be a bit darker than expected. Look for this sometime in 2013. (EW)

Here we have another image of Oprah Winfrey in Lee Daniels' upcoming "The Butler". Two weeks ago it was alongside Lenny Kravitz, this week, Terrence Howard. With an incredible cast, and a fantastic dramatic story to tell, this could end up being a big player in next year's awards season. I'm definitely looking forward to this one. (The Playlist)

This isn't the greatest image for "Hitchcock", as it's basically just a page out of a magazine, but it does give us a look at a few of the key players, including Anthony Hopkins, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel. I wish we had larger photos of each of these cut-outs (they'll probably hit the internet soon), but this is a fun image for now. The film recently made headlines when it moved its limited release dates up to the end of 2012 to qualify for this year's Academy Awards. (People)

Man I love looking at these Iron Man suits! I want one so bad (fully functioning as in the movies though, of course). Here is a first look at another suit, now presumably to make its debut in "Iron Man 3": the Mark XLVII. This probably means more to Iron Man fans than me - I just see a new paint job - but it's cool to see nonetheless. In the final shot we also see it standing next to the Iron Patriot suit, something that Marvel denied being involved in the film. Should we now expect its inclusion? The third film of this blockbuster franchise will hit theaters May 3, 2013. (ComicBookMovie)

Is this the greatest comedy cast ever assembled? With seven different famed directors on board to corral this telling of various intertwining tales, "Movie 43" looks to be one of the comedic highlights of 2013. The cast includes Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Terrence Howard, Halle Berry, Jason Sudeikis, Gerard Butler, Kristen Bell, Chloe Grace Moretz, Josh Duhamel, Johnny Knoxville, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Richard Gere, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Liev Schreiber, Uma Thurman, Seann William Scott, Kieran Culkin, Leslie Bibb, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Kate Bosworth, Patrick Warburton, Tony Shalhoub, Chris Pratt and Jack McBrayer. Man that's an epic cast! Even if the movie sucks, I can't wait to see this one just for all of these famous faces on the screen! It hits theaters in January of 2013. (Entertainment Weekly)

The last set of images this week are those from "The Lone Ranger". Starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp, the film is a big screen adaptation of the classic television series. The first trailer for the film was just released, and the studio also just released these first "official" hi-res images as well. The film will hit theaters July 3, 2013. (Empire Online)

And well, new trailer, new images, I suppose that means it's time for a new poster, too! This is the first poster for "The Lone Ranger", and as you can see, they're really going for the Johnny Depp marketing (wouldn't you?), even though I hear he's barely in the film. Pretty standard poster though; but I suppose it is just the "teaser". (ScreenCrush)

Now that we've entered the Movie Posters section, let's continue with this new one for "The Sessions". Many figured this to be a strong character piece come awards season this winter, but we'll have to wait and see. The film has only shown at festivals so far, so buzz still isn't too high. Starring John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, and William H. Macy, this is a cast I really like, and I look forward to watching the film. The poster is unique. The style is cool, but not something I was expecting from this one. (IMP Awards)

Here's another for Kathryn Bigelow's next war drama, "Zero Dark Thirty". I really like the cast of Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton, and Chris Pratt, but I'm just not that big into war films of this nature. After her last though, "The Hurt Locker", I expect this to be well-crafted and powerful. At least the text isn't marked out in this poster though; it's nice to be able to see what you're looking at. (Total Film)

Up next is another from the horror film, "Smiley". This tech-inspired slasher looks pretty gross from what imagery I've seen, but I don't expect this to be much of a worthwhile movie. Younger audiences may see enough in the modern-ness and silliness of it, but I expect it will be just another standard horror film. It hits theaters October 12, 2012. (MovieWeb)

This is the first poster for the Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez film, "Parker". The film revolves around Statham's character, a thief who lives by a code of never stealing from those who need it. I'm over Jason Statham action movies, and I've never much cared for Jennifer Lopez as an actor to begin with. The classic flat red background is a nice touch for the poster, though. Overall, this isn't anything I'll have much interest in. (IGN)

The first poster for "The Guilt Trip" isn't anything exciting, but for some reason I kind of expect the pairing of Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand to be a good one. Anne Fletcher directs the film, the same director that brought us "The Proposal" a few years back. Seems like the comedic tones could be pretty similar this time around. (Yahoo! Movies)

Pretty standard looking poster for a pretty standard film, in terms of these guys' wheelhouse. I really like Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg, but I have very little theater interest in "Broken City", a film about an ex-cop and a New York City mayor involved in a huge scandal. This instantly looks like a film I'm wanting to watch on a slow Friday night at home. (IMDb)

Next we have two posters for the Robert Zemeckis film, "Flight", starring Denzel Washington and John Goodman. These are the domestic and international posters, respectively, but both offer up about the same thing. I love the look and tone of this movie though, and I'm excited to see Zemeckis back in the director's chair for a live-action film again (his last was "Cast Away" in 2000). Look for this in theaters November 2, 2012. (HitFix)

Here's the latest for the next Tom Cruise action flick, "Jack Reacher" Cruise stars as a private investigator and ex-cop who takes the law into his own hands and gets answers his way; kind of has that anti-hero thing goin' for it. I've flatly stated many times that I will see any film that Tom Cruise is in. He's such an icon, and I feel like just watching his performance alone is something of a show. This will be a fun one for theaters, I'm sure. It will be there December 21 of this year. (Yahoo! Movies)

These four character posters for Lee Daniels' "The Paperboy" are designed beautifully. Depicting the 1960's era that the film takes place in, the colors and fonts all seem spot-on to me. The cast is great, and Nicole Kidman's inclusion seals the deal for me; I love her. Even though the film will only get a limited release, I'm looking forward to eventually getting a chance to see this one. (Collider)

And speaking of beautiful poster designs, you have to continue to give credit to the marketing team for "Killing Them Softly", which seems to churn out winning poster after winning poster. These are much more animated and guerrilla-style than what we've seen before, but equally as effective. I like the 70's-vibes happening too; kind of a graffiti thing happening. I think #3 is my favorite, but these are all great. Look for this one in theaters November 30, 2012. (Huffington Post and Moviefone)

And we'll finish things off with a few classic monster themed posters for Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie", which actually hits theaters today. I really liked these though, even though I don't have any real desire to own them. But this is the best artwork I've seen from the picture, and the classic details are great - even up to the poster fold lines drawn into the designs. (FearNet)

That's what we're looking at this week. Anything in particular stand out to you?