28 Hotel Rooms, A Good Day To Die Hard, Broken City, The Croods, The First Time, The Guilt Trip, The Lone Ranger, The Lords Of Salem, Movie 43, Not Fade Away, Parker, Tarzan 3D

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

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28 Hotel Rooms
Infidelity. blah! don't care to watch.

A Good Day To Die Hard
Why is John McClane in Russia? Even with the little amount of info we are given this looks so much better than the previous installment.

Broken City
As compelling as the trailer may look you have to remember two things. 1.) Mark Wahlberg is in it. and 2.) It opens in January... This movie will most likely be terrible.

The Croods
I'm glad the exploring will be done as a family rather than just by the curious daughter as the beginning of the trailer suggested might happen.

The First Time
WHOA!!! This actually looks like a John Hughes movie! As if John Hughes came back from the dead and said "You know what, I'm gonna make one more! One that throws back to my glory days! One that shows I never lost my creativity! One that the teens can look back on and say, yeah that movie totally got me!" I really hope this movie hits. If it does, this generation of high schoolers will have a great movie that reaches John Hughes quality to look back on. All I have is American Pie...

The Guilt Trip
this looks enjoyable enough. I can see myself liking this movie.

The Lone Ranger
I wish I could think about something other than the fact that Johnny Depp is the same age as my Mother and Armie Hammer is the same age as my younger Sister. It makes me want to watch a female version where my Mom and Sister fight crime.

The Lords Of Salem
Rob Zombie getting all sophisticated. I dream of him getting a best picture winner at the Oscars. Wouldn't that be so great. I'll continue to dream.

Movie 43
Many of the celebrities you and don't want in a movie are in this extremely red-band trailer.

Not Fade Away
Trying to make the 1960's rock 'n' roll dream come true.

This has a mighty interesting cast.

Tarzan 3D
Man, this is some super mad Motion Capture.