“The Dark Knight Rises” Limited Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack

EW has confirmed that Warner Bros. will be releasing this limited ‘Broken Cowl’ edition of the last entry to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. This version, along with the regular editions of the film, will be available on December 4th.

You can hit the jump to see some of the special features available as well as take a look at the U.K. trilogy pack.

The Blu-ray disc for “The Dark Knight Rises” will feature the following:

- The Journey of Bruce Wayne
- The Batmobile documentary
- Ending the Knight - An in-depth look featuring about 17 featurettes at how Nolan and his production team made The Dark Knight Rises

Really quick before I go any further, I want to note that the special features for both of Nolan’s previous entries into this series have been pretty thin. Okay, they have been very thin. I don’t know if that’s just Nolan’s style, but for me, that’s actually my biggest gripe with the director. I’ve already seen the documentary on the Batmobile, and while it’s good, it’s more about all of the Batmobiles than specifically focusing on Nolan’s version. Let’s hope there is a lot of juice to those featurettes there. I’ll still be buying this the day it comes out, but it would be nice to finally get a good look behind the scenes; I’m not expecting a Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition amounts of special features - although that would be amazing - but definitely more than the previous two films have had to offer.


Alright, photos for The Dark Knight Trilogy pack first showed up a couple of days ago, and I held off on posting about it because it only lists it as the art for the U.K.’s Blu-ray trilogy pack, but since we got the stuff about the special edition above, it made it easier to just include the photos for the U.K.’s version in here. Like I said though, the trilogy pack we get in the states might look entirely different. 


I love the imagery of that. I probably won’t be buying that because I already own both special editions of the first two films and, if I want that book bad enough, it’s available for individual purchase in book stores. The only thing that would get me to buy it is if they added a bunch of special features to the first two films. There isn’t anything to suggest that they are doing that unfortunately.

The shot below is for the Blu-ray set.