The Trailer Park: The Barrens, Butter, The Frozen Ground, The Girl, Hearts Of Dorkness, The Impossible, Knuckleball!, Passion, Stolen

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The Barrens
I've always wanted a movie about the Jersey Devil, but sadly this one doesn't look too promising. plus there were like three moments where i thought Stephen Moyer was Bruce Campbell.

I haven't heard many great things, but after watching the I, to my own surprise, am looking forward to this quite a bit. Looks great to me.

The Frozen Ground
The movie looks alright, It's the trailer that looks bad.

The Girl
Sienna Miller is TOO FINE!

Hearts Of Dorkness
We've been waiting forever to see 5-25-77. and now there is a documentary about that wait.

The Impossible
This looks like it's going to be sad city. I'm digging the special effects.
I had no clue that the knuckleball was such a mysterious and unique pitch. I figured ever pitcher had it in their bag of tricks. Another reason why I'm not the sports guy here at SSMB. We leave that to Alex and Nathan. This looks so interesting. I really want to make sure I catch it at some point.

Mmmm, lusty!

Stolen, Taken, what's the difference?