The Trailer Park: 3, 2, 1 ... Frankie Go Boom, Antiviral, From Up On Poppy Hill, I Am Big Bird, Liberal Arts, On The Road, Playing For Keeps, Red Dawn, Trouble With The Curve, Zero Dark Thirty

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

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3, 2, 1 ... Frankie Go Boom
It reminds me of Road Trip (2000) for obvious reasons.

From the Son of David Cronenberg. Seems the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. thankfully!

From Up On Poppy Hill
for all you Anime lovers out there.

I Am Big Bird
This is sure to be nostalgic, inspirational and magical. The story of the only man to play Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch, Caroll Spinney. To ensure it gets made, help the effort through kickstarter!

Liberal Arts
Right up my alley. Which is why i should want to avoid this film. Don't need any reminders on poor choices when it comes to picking degrees.

On The Road
I'm not sure if it's K-Stews betrayal towards R-Patz or this trailer, but this movie is looking duller and duller.

Playing For Keeps
Impressive cast for what looks like a throwaway movie. The actor lineup gives me high hopes for this one!

Red Dawn
When someone says they love the original Red Dawn (1984) I have to assume they say it with a heavy dose of irony or they haven't seen it since they were younger and have only nostalgic memories of the film. Who knows if this one will be any better? Based on the trailer it looks like it'll be much MUCH better than the original.

Trouble With The Curve
It's possible this whole movie could be reduced to "trying to get an old man to admit he needs glasses." But! After living an Olympic high these past two weeks, listening to Philip Phillips sing "Home" between U.S. Women's Gymnastics routines, this movie has manipulated me into already loving it by simply using the same song in the trailer.

Zero Dark Thirty
Kathryn Bigelow's return!