“The Expendables 2” Poster Brings A Macho Take To “The Last Supper”

I’m sure like so many of you, I’ve always thought, you know what would really make “The Last Supper” painting cool: guns, booze, and all my favorite 80’s action stars!

Well luckily for all of us, the folks in charge of marketing for “The Expendables 2” have given us just that. The film is the second installment in the franchise that brings together most of the biggest stars from the time when action films were at their absolute best. The film storms into theaters on August 17th.

Hit the jump to see the full poster.

In short, I love it. It’s over-the-top and funny, which is what I’m looking for with the film in general. I don’t know enough about the relationship between this picture and the original Last Supper to try and read too far into what everyone’s position in this is. A couple of things I can point out, Norris is sitting where Judas was (I think we are fairly sure he’s the villain, so not much of a surprise) and Yu Nan is sitting where Mary was, again being the only woman, not to hard to figure that one out. I would assume everyone else is pretty much randomly placed. If someone wants to try and break it down further, be my guest.

What are peoples thoughts? Awesome, right?