Movie Review: "The Bunny Game" by Ben Foutch

Director: Adam Rehmeier
Writers: Adam Rehmeier, Rodleen Getsic
Stars: Rodleen Getsic, Norwood Fisher and Gregg Gilmore
Rated: Not Rated
Run Time: 76 min

There is a part of me that can respect the reason why this film exists, but at the same, I don't need simulated torture porn to know the depravity human beings are capable of. Adam Rehmeier's controversial film The Bunny Game is not really a cinematic experience so much as it is an exercise in exploitation. So, in that sense, do you really need a seventy minute run time to make a simple statement?

It becomes apparent within the the first minute that the road ahead is going to be a rough one, when you are quickly transitioned into an already occurring, real act of fellatio. The degradation continues as Bunny the prostitute bounces to and fro, supporting her cocaine addiction. Shuffling around in her incoherent state of mind, she gets drugged and captured by a truck driver. Be prepared for the most revolting, horrific, yet boring film you'll probably ever see (assuming you can make it through) as this less than human being uses Bunny as his personal play thing.

First off, who am I to say that this film is unnecessary strictly on the basis that it is only meant to shock. According to the lead actress, she has had horrific things done to her in youth which inspired her to make a film of this nature, and supposedly even subjected herself to actual hot metal branding in one of the torture scenes. Whether that is true or just a marketing gimmick is irrelevant; this kind of stuff happens whether you want to believe it or not. With that in mind, the performances are unnervingly convincing, because they were supposedly all improvised and real with the exception of the drug use. So, I can respect this film from an artistic standpoint, as it uses choppy editing techniques and good use of the dark to drag the viewer through this abrasive, psychologically punishing experience.

And that is what you should leave with. It is not meant to entertain, but revolt and perhaps enlighten those that live in a safe little bubble. Sparse dialogue and virtually no plot leaves this film with a snail like pace, forcing you to experience every drawn out sadistic, uncomfortable act. In that respect the film succeeds as a shocking piece of art. Creating ways to make this more entertaining would be futile, as it would ruin the purpose, and give a sense of familiarity of filmic structure.

If you want to be bored out of your mind and sick to your stomach for an hour or so, give this a shot. It is meant make you uncomfortable and nothing more, so don't go thinking that you are in for an entertaining horror flick, unless you actually get off on watching someone being degraded to the point of having zero dignity. Personally, I don't ever need to see this again. Where is Will Smith and that neuraliser when you need 'em?