Warner Bros. Hires Writer For Justice League Movie

On the heels of the massive success of Marvel's "The Avengers", it looks like Warner Bros. wants to start moving towards assembling DC’s own super hero team.

There is very little to report here, as the only official news is that Warner Bros. has hired Will Beal, who also wrote “Gangster Squad”, to pen the screenplay for a Justice League film which was first reported by Variety.

The first thing that everyone is going to wonder is, will any of the DC standalone characters be brought into these plans. That has always been one of the biggest problems with DC films is the lack of consistency when it comes to the tone of their films. You look at each film and it is really hard to picture one hero working in another hero's film. Especially when it comes to Christopher Nolan's Batman, which is easily DC's most popular hero right now, and most likely the character everyone would want to be included in the film.

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Now one would think that DC and Warner Bros. would want at least one established character from one of their stand alone films. Even though Nolan's Batman films are the standard by which all other superhero movies, at least DC-wise, are judged, those films have been built solely on the principal that Batman is the only superhero that exists in that universe. Nolan has also said that the third film "The Dark Knight Rises" would provide a definitive end to the series. But it was recently stated by Christian Bale, who plays Batman, that he would be open to more adventures for the Caped Crusader. Even with that, I still can't picture that version of Batman being involved.

I think the most likely film they will use as set up for a Justice League film is next years "Man of Steel". From what we have seen so far, it looks like the tone of that film could be a good middle ground to bring all of the heroes together.

It may be just as likely that Warner Bros. will start from scratch and bring in all new actors to fill the roles. I think that would be an extremely risky move, and one that I have a hard time seeing work. I think they need at least one character that audiences are comfortable with to really make this project come close to working on an Avengers type level.

But right now its too early to get any sort of feel on what Warner Bros. plans are in that regard. For now we will just have to wait and see where they go from here. This will also give us plenty of time to talk about what characters might be included in the film.

So what are peoples early thoughts on this, and who do people want to see involved in a Justice League film?


  1. I wonder if Ryan Reynolds would be the GL they would go with. I sure hope not. they really really really really really really really really really, made a poor choice picking him. totes shoulda been The Flash.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I like Ryan Reynolds, but this was not the right role for him. I think for this film, I'd be perfectly fine with them going with a brand new cast all around, even for Superman and/or Batman. As long as they don't get no-name actors, I think it could be cool to start a series like this from scratch. With the success of "The Avengers" they could probably still gather an epic group of actors for a film like this.

    2. I dont think they would ever do this but it would be cool if they approached the movie's overall tone and style in an Alex Ross sort of way. make all the heroes look really classically majestic and full of honor. That's the one case where I think John Hamm would make a great superman choice.


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