The Trailer Park: The Babymakers, The Bourne Legacy, Branded, The Dark Knight Rises, House At The End Of The Street, Lay The Favourite, Les Miserables, Premium Rush, Red Lights (English)

Welcome to The Trailer Park! - A weekly column rounding up new and newish trailers lurking around the internet.

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The Babymakers
Thankfully this isn't a true Broken Lizard comedy, because it doesn't look like it would even come close to matching up to their other quality work.

The Bourne Legacy
For those of you who dig this franchise.

I doubt this will reach the cult status of They Live.

The Dark Knight Rises
This was shown during the MTV Movie Awards, in turn lowing this movies integrity and dignity.

House At The End Of The Street
Horror fans i respect, if you tell me this is good I will watch it. Otherwise, not that interested.

Lay The Favourite
Stephen Fears has some great films under his belt. Will this be one of them?

Les Miserables
I have a  Les Miserables shirt. After I see this movie, I'll finally know why I get so many compliments on the shirt when I wear it. I think we can all assume at the moment this is a Best Pic Oscar hopeful.

Premium Rush
I'm not the only one who thought of an extreme version of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 during the first 13 seconds of this trailer am I? Will this movie have what it takes to ride with other great bicycle flicks such as Breaking Away and Pee-wee's Big Adventure? Probably not, but it's possible... in a diet Fast And The Furious sort of way. We'll find out in August!

Red Lights (English)
This looked better when I posted the foreign language version. Still has a stellar cast, however.