Quick Cuts: "The Woman" Movie Review by Ben Foutch

Director: Lucky McKee
Writers: Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum
Stars: Pollyanna McIntosh, Brandon Gerald Fuller andLauren Ashley Carter
Run Time: 101 min
Release: 2011
Rated: R

It doesn't come as much of a shock to anyone familiar with the work of Jack Ketchum, why this film was met with so much controversy. His ability to create disturbing scenerios on taboo subjects is unparalleled. If you haven't checked out any of his novels or films, I challenge you to do so. While we are on the subject, you might as well start with The Woman.

Director Lucky McKee brings to life the story of a feral woman (Pollyanna McIntosh), who is a surving member of a clan of cannibals that chomped their way through the unfortunate citizens of Maine. She is captured by a hot shot country lawyer (Brandon Gerald), who with the help of his family, attemps to civilize the woman. It becomes apparent that his definition of "civilize" is questionable, and methods unforgivable. It might be of interest to note that this is a sequel to the film (and novel) Offspring, which was a sequel to the novel Off Season.

I really liked the tone of this film. It easily could have been the most depressing and stomach churning experience (like most of his work), but with the use of certain musical ques and the acting chops of Mr. Gerald, this took on a slightly lighter tone. I'm not saying that this is a light film. The Woman is a bleak look into themes of gender roles and the battle of the sexes. However, certain nuances gave the film an overall dark comedy kind of vibe. We'll just call it dark and morbidly humorous. You'll see what I mean. Maybe not...

With that being said, this is a must see for horror fans. Jack Ketchum is a king of the brand, and Lucky McKee does the material justice. If you are squeamish or easily offended, do not watch this. On second thought, watch it. It will give you something to complain about. Either way, if you aren't shocked or appalled by any of the actions being displayed in this film, a trip to the psychiatrist is probably in order.