Photo Bomb!

Thanks for checking out the latest edition of Photo Bomb!, your weekly roundup of all movie-related photos and posters floating around the internet.

This is more like it! So much new stuff this week, we'll go ahead and jump right in. We have new images from films "Machete Kills", "Riddick", "To Rome With Love", "The Expendables 2", "Maleficent", "Jobs", "Paperman", "Empire State", "Carrie", "Knight of Cups", "Jack Reacher", and "The Man with the Iron Fists".

We also have some new posters from films "The Man with the Iron Fists", "Arbitrage", " Alex Cross", "Hope Springs", "The Campaign, "Wreck-It Ralph", "Paddington", "The Words", and "Robot & Frank".

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We start with some set images from "Machete Kills". There are just some behind-the-scenes photos Tweeted by Jessica Alba at the start of productions. There aren't any official looks at the production yet, but at least we know this one is actually filming. (Twitter)

Here's the latest photo of Vin Diesel in the latest installment of the Riddick franchise, fittingly titled (or, at least at the moment it is) "Riddick". We've seen a few images from this film in the past couple of months. I've never much cared for any of these films, so I can't say that I'm too interested in this. The imagery is kind of neat though. (Facebook)

These are some shots of Woody Allen's latest film, "To Rome With Love". This one officially released nearly two months ago in Italy, but it's just now getting its art house run in the States. The film stars Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penélope Cruz, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, and Ellen Page. I'm not going to be running to theaters for this one, but I loved "Midnight in Paris", and this cast is fantastic. (Collider)

It's been a while since we've seen anything new from "The Expendables 2", but they're not going to let us forget about them. We see most of the different actors in these shots, full of guns and action. This one comes out August 17, 2012, so we just have to make it until then and we'll be able to fill up our yearly machismo quota. (Omelete)

Last week we had the first image of Angelina Jolie in the upcoming live-action Disney Film, "Maleficent". This week, we get a few more production shots from the film, but still not much to judge by. The armies look cool, but I need to see more from this before I can get any real excitement for this one. Still 2+ years before this hits theaters though. (CBM)

These three images are from the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, "Jobs". I don't know much about Steve Jobs or his life, but apparently this photos depict some of the scenes being filmed from Jobs' 'LSD years'. (Daily Mail)

I'm glad that Disney hasn't completely abandoned the 2D styles that we all grew up with. These photos are from their latest project, "Paperman". This will only be a short, and will be premiering in front of "Wreck-It Ralph", but I still like the imagery. I can't quite put my finger on the film(s) that this reminds me of, but other than the fact that it's in black and white, I get some nice nostalgic feelings from these shots. (Entertainment Weekly)

Next we have two incredibly uninteresting photos of Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth in "Empire State". In this film, the two are friends with plans to rob an armored car depository. Looks like maybe they're cops too? Or maybe just posing as such, I don't know? This film hits theaters June 10, 2013. (Deadline)

We move onto a this first image of Chloë Grace Moretz on the set of "Carrie". The film has already put together a respectable cast, and just last week Moretz was quoted saying that this adaptation will be closer to the original Stephen King book than the 1976 Brian De Palma film (for what that's worth; anyone who's read the book). (Page to Premiere)

A few weeks ago we revealed some of the first set photos from Terrence Malick's new film, "Knight of Cups". This week, we have a few more. Christian Bale is still the main focus, but we also get some of the other actors, including Freida Pinto and Wes Bentley. (The Playlist)

Here's our first look at Tom Cruise as the title character in the upcoming film "Jack Reacher". The film stars Cruise as a military military policeman requested by a man charged with killing multiple people at random. The film is based on Lee Child‘s novel One Shot, so if you've read that then you know more here than me. Top-notch cast for this one though. I'll watch anything that Tom Cruise stars in. This hits theaters December 21, 2012. (Entertainment Weekly)

We round out the photos section with the first photo of the RZA/Quentin Tarantino film, "The Man with the Iron Fists". The first trailer was just released for this yesterday, and if you've seen it, then you can already see the huge influence that Tarantino has on this film. This style isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I don't hate it either. The imagery is very loud and intense. And you can't beat that the first released photo for the film features a dude slicing another guys eye out. I mean, that's fantastic! This photo tells you everything you need to know for the film. (Twitter)

We head over to the Movie Poster section with the first poster for the last film mentioned above, "The Man with the Iron Fists". Even if the style isn't really my think, the fact that Russell Crowe stars in this really piques my curiosity. This does not seem like a typical Russell Crowe film. I may eventually see this one if for nothing other than that fact alone. (IGN)

This one isn't too exciting, but here's the first poster for the Richard Gere film, "Arbitrage". This seems like a pretty typical Gere role here. Film might be a decent eventual DVD rental someday. I like that Susan Sarandon is in this, but where's Julia Roberts? (Apple)

Here's a poster for "Alex Cross". This film stars Matthew Fox and Tyler Perry (not as Madea this time around). I'm not sure I have much interest for this crime thriller, but I will say, I just started watching LOST last week, so there is stronger interest in Matthew Fox's character than before. Plus, his name is Alex, my name is Alex, we have the same name, that is neat (Orange County anyone?). (Moviefone)

Here's another pretty generic looking poster, this time for "Hope Springs". The cast is strong though - other than the poster, we're also looking at Steve Carell and Elizabeth Shue. I can't say I have much interest in a film that centers around an old marriage couple going in for relationship counseling, but Streep hardly ever seems to put out anything with too much criticism, so maybe this will be good. (IMP Awards)

Next we have two new character posters for the Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis comedy, "The Campaign". We saw the trailer for this a while back. It didn't do anything for me - and I had hopes that it would. It should be a decent comedy selection for August, but I don't expect I'll be making it out to the theaters for this one. P.S. I like the Will Ferrell poster much more than Galifianakis'. (Yahoo! Movies)

These are three international character posters Disney's upcoming 3D feature, "Wreck-It Ralph". I love the idea for this film, but the trailer didn't do much for me. I imagine kids will absolutely eat this one up; and gamers of all ages should even get some nostalgic feelings from it, but for me, it's just another animated movie. This one hits theaters November 2, 2012. (Live For Films)

Did anyone else know that they were making a full-length 3D film about Paddington Bear? I never followed the character much as a kid, but I was familiar with the book and character. I guess it was only a matter of time before they decided to give this one the Hollywood Treatment. Plus, even though it's about a little bear in a raincoat, that poster still seems kind of epic to me. Still plenty of time to prepare yourselves for this one though - "Paddington" won't hit theaters until 2014. (Bleeding Cool)

Unfortunately this one is a romance drama, but I still like the ideas behind "The Words". This one stars Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde, and centers around a man who rises to fame in the literary world for his most recent acheivement; the only problem: he stole the writings from someone else. Might still be a good film, but I feel like they'll try to make the love stories more prominent than I'd want here. I love Saldana and Wilde though, so this still interests me. It hits theaters September 7, 2012. (Fandango)

And we finish up with a poster for a film that really intrigues me. First off, great cast. But "Robot & Frank" takes place in the near future, where Frank is a retired jewel thief, and and Frank's son has just gotten him a robot to help look after him. Eventually though, the new companions try their luck as a heist team. I love it! I wasn't expecting that from this poster, but I think that's a fantastic concept for a film. Keep in mind that it's still more of an artsy film, but I think this will be a fun one. (ComingSoon)

And just to top things off here are a few things that are film-related, but not necessarily production associated. First, it's a new billboard that just recently showed up in Hollywood. Yes, that billboard actually has the middle ripped out, it's not just an image. I love it. Obviously it'd be too taxing and expensive to do this everywhere, but this is one of the best marketing images I've seen for the film. I think it looks great. (Fandango)

And also, just because this is funny, here's a great graphic from The Oatmeal on how they'd like to see theaters designed. It's obviously silly and unrealistic, but it also provided me a few chuckles. For those of us theater snobs, I'm sure we've all wished for something similar to this a few times.

(If you're having trouble seeing it big enough, hit the link to their site, there's a larger image)