Photo Bomb!

Thanks for checking out the latest edition of Photo Bomb!, your weekly roundup of all movie-related photos floating around the internet.

Wow, lots of content this week! We'll jump right into is, as we have new photos from the films "Savages", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Romeo and Juliet", "The Great Gatsby", "All is By My Side", "Iron Man 3", "Les Miserables", "Only God Forgives", "Rock of Ages", "The Bling Ring", "Spring Breakers", "Django Unchained", and "The Bourne Legacy". Whew. Still with me? What we went overboard on in the photos section, we make up in the lack of overall variety in the posters section this week. Only a few new movie posters, but still a lot of quality, with posters for films "Red Lights", "Sinister", "Frankenweenie", "Magic Mike", and "The Dark Knight Rises".

Hit the jump to check them all out!

First, we'll start with photos from Oliver Stone's latest film, "Savages". This one stars Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, Emile Hirsch, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman, and John Travolta. It hits theaters July 6, 2012. (The Film Stage)

Next we have more photos from "The Amazing Spider-Man". Nothing too exciting - a couple of promos and a couple of behind-the-scenes shots. (Entertainment Weekly)

Here is a first look at the most recent adaptation of one of Shakespeare's most popular titles, "Romeo and Juliet". I hear the setting stays traditional with this film, but the tone is more aimed at the Twilight crowds. This one stars Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth in the title roles, but also brings on a supporting cast of Paul Giamatti, Stellan Skarsgard, and Natascha McElhone. Looks like this one won't hit theaters until February of next year. (Kinopoisk)

This is our first official still from the upcoming "The Great Gatsby". We just saw the first trailer for this film the other day, which brings Leonard DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan to the forefront for this adaptation, set to hit theaters on Christmas Day. (Facebook)

We semi-recently heard that Andre Benjamin would be playing Jimi Hendrix in a film about the musicians life and career, and now we have our first photo of the musician and actor. "All Is By My Side" just started filming, but at least we know Benjamin can pull off the physical aspects of this role. We'll see if he can match it in the acting department. (Digital Spy)

Speaking of 'spy', here are a few images from the set of "Iron Man 3" that managed to sneak off the set. I wouldn't read one more word if you don't want to see any of what the film has to offer, but if you're still reading, then check out these awesome looking photos of the Iron Patriot suit! They're blurry, but we weren't even supposed to be aware of any of this yet, so take what you can get. (The Superficial)

Here are more photos from the set of "Les Miserables", this time showing off a little more of the production than just Anne Hathaway's bad haircut - but don't worry, that's still featured too. We get our first looks at Russell Crowe, and some really great shots of Hugh Jackman sporting the homeless crazy-man beard! (Twitter)

Next, some initial production photos from Nicolas Winding Refn's latest film, "Only God Forgives". This movie reunites him with the star of his previous film, Ryan Gosling, "Drive". (Empire)

If you're still gearing up for Tom Cruise's latest musical, "Rock of Ages", here are a bunch of hi-res photos to help you out. There are actually more on the site, I just picked a out the ones I liked the most. The film also stars Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Malin Akerman,Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mary J. Blige, and Bryan Cranston. It hits theaters June 15, 2012. (Collider)

Here's our first look at Sofia Coppola's latest film, "The Bling Ring", which stars a post-Harry Potter Emma Watson. In this first photo, I can barely even tell which one she is. (The Playlist)

Next, keeping with our teen-ish theme, it's another new batch for "Spring Breakers". Again, basically we're just looking at a bunch of young, attractive girls prancing around in tiny swimsuits. Can't say I have many issues with the marketing so far though.. (JoBlo)

Here's a great crop of photos from Quentin Tarantino's western, "Django Unchained". A great cast in this one, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, and a handful of others. This is another DiCaprio film that we can expect to hit theaters on December 25, 2012. (Collider)

And our final photo, a set shot from "The Bourne Legacy". This photo feature two stars of the film, Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz. The quality is grainy (magazine) and it doesn't offer a whole lot new for the film (especially after a new trailer was released yesterday), but it was an official release by the film. (Entertainment Weekly)

On to the Movie Poster section, where we'll start with the latest character posters for "Red Lights". As you can see from the posters, the film stars Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Olson, and Robert De Niro. This is a supernatural thriller that's received very positive feedback from its festival runs so far. And though we haven't heard much about it, it's slated for a July 13, 2012 release. (MTV)

Next is a poster for the horror film, "Sinister". This one stars Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’Onofrio. It hits theaters August 24, 2012. Lots of interesting looking horror films coming out this year. I'm curious to see which ones will rise above the others. (IMP Awards)

The first poster for Tim Burton's latest animated venture, "Frankenweenie". This is an adaption of his much earlier short film of the same title. This one, which has people already buzzing about the animation quality, is scheduled for an October 5, 2012 release. (Fangoria)

Here's the first one for the film "Magic Mike", which stars Channing Tatum as a male stripper. Not really into the premise for this one, but Tatum's definitely come on strong in the comedy world this past year. Wonder if this will be another hit for him. The film also stars Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, and Joe Manganiello. (iTunes)

And finally, I'm going to lump all of this "The Dark Knight Rises" stuff together. There are actually three different groups of things, but we'll just bunch them together below and you can sort through it all. Included are a "secret" Catwoman poster, and a couple different sets of even more new banners for the film. (DKR WebsiteComingSoon, and HeyUGuys)

So that's what we're looking at this week. What do you guys think? What stood out to you the most? Which film(s) are you most looking forward to?