Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2012

The Licensing Expo 2012 is taking place in Las Vegas this week, where a lot of movies are coming forward with campaign ads and merchandising opportunities. When a movie wants to make a little money on merchandise or wants to find some companies to get hyped up on a joint venture product placement opportunities, they come here. While normally this convention is almost entirely for the movies to get a little extra coin in pocket, it also gives us, the general audiences, a chance to see some really cool marketing campaigns and props from movies!

Check out some of the photos for the event after the break, first hitting the web thanks to ComingSoon

"Ender's Game" is a movie that will be based on a book
of the same name written by Orson Scott Card. One
of my all-time favorites!

A suit from the upcoming movie "Man of Steel"
Seems to look very Zod-like to me?

The now so well knows Super Suit for
"Man of Steel"

This is actually the first I have really actually seen from this movie.
I am excited, the first is fun and i assume this will be too!

Imagine Russell Crowe donning this suit!

This is only what i can assume an attempt to
get some merchandising opportunities off the ground?

I'm glad this is getting some hype.
what the hell section is this in anyway!? Oxi-Clean?
BMW?  I suppose ill have to visit next year to
understand the layout.

Last but not least we have the 2012 release of Les Miserables poster,  it releases
this christmas.  Hopefully this is a bid to get some action figures made! (joke)

So there we have it, ladies and gents. Sadly, I couldn't post all the pictures that the site had up, but if you want to see a few more, swing on over to ComingSoon for a full rundown on the event.

What do you guys think of what's above though? Anything stand out more than the rest?