"The Dark Knight Rises" Collector Cards Now Available at Fandango!

Are you a Batman fan who can't get enough from this latest upcoming installment from Christopher Nolan? If so, then this might need to be the next stop on your list. Just yesterday Fandango rolled out these fantastic new "The Dark Knight Rises" Collector Cards. As you can see by clicking on the link (and from the image above) they have them available in three varieties, either featuring Batman, Catwoman, or Bane. Each of these cards can be a neat little addition to your memorabilia collection, but more importantly, you can actually put them to some use too! Load them up in whatever amount works for you, and apply it to whichever tickets you need. Most of us will probably be applying these to our "The Dark Knight Rises" pre-sale tickets, but if you feel like you need to go see "The Amazing Spider-Man" or something next weekend, you can always do that too. These are good for any movie available for ticketing on Fandango.com.

Also, as the site suggests, these make fantastic gifts for any movie fan, and especially Batman fan. If you're thinking about getting them some sort of gift certificate anyway, why not make it one of these limited edition Dark Knight Rises cards that they can use towards any film at literally any theater across the United States?

Make sure to get your hands on these before they're sold out!