Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Gives "The Avengers" Prop Walk-Through

Let's just keep this Avengers train rollin'! Below is a nice little video featurette recently released by D23. In this episode, they visit Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, to talk about the evolution of the films, as well as some of their most prized props. In the video, Feige gives a little background on the first Iron Man film, Nick Fury's jacket, and Thor's hammer.

From here, who knows where these props will end up. Unfortunately for us fans, most will probably just end up in a warehouse somewhere, most items never being seen again. This display will probably tour with the film for a while though, and hit various select cities for your entertainment (where those might be though, I have no idea).

Check out the video and all of the cool props after the break.

This video has lots of great information, and I loved listening to Feige talk about some of these things and how they evolved. More than anything though, watching this just makes me upset that I can't own any of this. Ideally, this whole setup becomes a nice little corridor in my mansion someday, where I can visit all of it whenever I want (and play Avengers with my friends!).

Also, as the question is posted to Feige in this video, if you could own one prop from "The Avengers", what would you choose? For me, I've always loved Captain America. I never read the comics or anything, but I like what he stands for. And maybe more than anything, I love the imagery and style that surrounds him. It's campy and tacky (in a good way) and pure Americana. I've always loved it. So that being said, as Feige himself opted for, I'd have to go for Cap's sheild. It's so iconic and would look awesome hung up on a wall somewhere.