The Longest Blooper Reel Ever, At Least According to The Muppets

There's not a lot that needs explained here. "The Muppets" was released last year and was a huge fan favorite. It revitalized the characters and introduced them to a new audience; a new audience that got to enjoy their silly, childlike humor. The film has since been released on BluRay and DVD, and one of the extras from the film is this blooper reel. Normally, I probably wouldn't take the time to post such a thing, but since the video itself claims to be the longest of all time (okay, maybe only in Muppet history), it seemed worth mentioning - plus, other than some new photos and stuff (which you'll see in Friday afternoon's Photo Bomb! post), what else is really going on today?

Anyway, the reel is pretty funny and should provide a few chuckles, especially if you like Muppet humor. So if you're surfing through the internet with nothing else striking your fancy, hit the jump for over eight and a half minutes of Muppet bloopers!

By the way, this video was pointed out by Vulture.