“The Dark Knight Rises” Rolls Out 6 New Posters

Compared to other blockbusters that have been or will be released this summer, marketing for “The Dark Knight Rises” has been fairly reserved. For someone as hyped about the film as I am, I don’t need to see any footage of the film, and I find their restraint to this point very refreshing. But others have been craving a little more from the film. I honestly don’t know why, its not like we don’t know what type of tone were going to be getting from the film, which is why I think it’s understandable that the studio isn’t wanting to put all there cards on the table.

But for those of you out there who want something to visualize, we got six new posters to look at. There isn’t anything in here that you haven’t seen if you have looked at any photos released before these, or if you’ve checked out either of the trailers.

Check em out after the break.

The bottom three posters don’t really do anything for me. Not that I dislike them or anything, they are just pretty standard. I love the feel of those top three on the other hand; even though I stopped collecting movie posters awhile ago, I would love to have those three. I think they have a really chaotic look to them, like they really show that everything in the film is falling apart. What does everyone think, is this enough to get people more excited for the film?