Box Office Updates: 'MIB3' Rises to $70MM With 4-Day Totals

I was just going to update the previous post with these numbers, but since those are true weekend totals, I wanted to leave them alone. We don't need to discuss a lot of the specifics as we did in the previous write-up, but I did at least want to provide 4-day weekend totals for your reference.

Not much changed in terms of placement, mostly just films adding some more money to their pots. With $70MM, "Men in Black III" got to where many expected it would be this weekend, which is good for the film, and "The Avengers" tacked on another $10MM, raising its weekend totals to $36.8MM. And this time around, "Dark Shadows" did find enough to overtake "Chernobyl Diaries" for fifth place on the weekend.

Hit the jump for a full breakdown of the 4-day totals.

While the extra $15MM "Men in Black III" put together this weekend doesn't seem like a lot (it hurts me to write those words like that - just a regular ol' fifteen million dollars, nothing major), it actually makes the film look a lot better. You now add its $70MM domestic totals to its $130MM international totals, and that makes for a worldwide opening weekend of just over $200MM. That's what the studios were hoping for. The film is fun, it's actually a refreshing chapter for the franchise. I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

"The Avengers" added $10MM to its totals, bringing it to within $10MM of "The Dark Knight's" domestic totals and third place on the all-time list.

"Battleship" upped its totals to $13.7MM, which is closer to where we expected but still not very good for this film's second weekend. The biggest difference of the films in the top five this weekend though is "Dark Shadows" jumping up to grab the fifth slot away from "Chernobyl Diaries". These are still only projections, and it's only ahead of the film by $100,000, but if these hold it will make for an even more unfortunate opening for the horror film.

And it's also probably worth noting that "Moonrise Kingdom", Wes Anderson's new film, appeared in only four theaters this weekend and grossed $669,000. That's a breakdown of over $165,000 per theater. While there have been stronger openings, those totals are still good enough for ninth place on the all-time list. Pretty good from an indie dramady film. It's also interesting to note that every film above it is animated. So while there isn't an official stat for this, we can say that Anderson's new film holds the record for highest per theater averages in an opening weekend for live-action films. Pretty impressive. I can't wait to check this one out.

Anyway, here are the full numbers, thanks as always to Box Office Mojo: