Six-Minute Preview of "The Amazing Spider-Man" To Run Before "Men In Black III"

It was announced yesterday on the official Facebook page for “The Amazing Spider-Man” that a 6-minute preview of the film will be airing prior to the IMAX 3D showings for “Men In Black 3” starting this Friday.

Okay, this is starting to get ridiculous. I feel like in a couple of years, they will be showing entire movies before the feature film. Now obviously I’m being a little dramatic with that, but honestly, when is a realistic cut-off point. I really would like to see someone do a little research and see how much footage they actually have shown with films like this one and “The Avengers” before they were released in theaters.

Now, I wasn’t planning on watching MIB3 in IMAX anyway, since I don’t think the film will be very good, but you had better believe that 6 minute preview is enough to cement me not going to the IMAX showing. Maybe I’m in the minority here with my annoyance of the whole bombardment of footage film studios seem to be throwing at us these days before these films are released. Unfortunately for me and anyone else who doesn’t like this trend, the trend seems to be working. Case in point: “The Avengers” box-office numbers so far. At very least there is nothing to prove that it’s not working

What do you guys think? Are you excited to check out the extended footage before the release of this film? Or do you believe less is more?