The Trailer Park: Bernie, Hard Core Logo II, Neighborhood Watch, ParaNorman, Piranha 3DD, That's My Boy, Touchback, Two Little Boys

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Some of the talking head interviews look pretty convincing. Always good to see Jack Black

Hard Core Logo II
I'm so glad I researched the first Hard Core Logo movie. I was so traumatized watching the first 16 seconds of this trailer showing footage from the first movie.

Neighborhood Watch
More of a teaser. Glad to see Vince Vaughn again, feels like it's been a while.

Why do creepy animated movies tend to be stop motion? does the jerky stop motion really add that much to the overall mood? It must. I'm digging this.

Piranha 3DD
I never saw the first one. Does this look like a worthy sequel?

That's My Boy

Kind of a "What if Billy Madison became a dad" story? Adam Sandler makes some of the riskiest choices in Hollywood... you have to give him credit for that. Careful kids, this one's red band.

One of those second chance at life movies. I think when we watch this, we'll be wishing there was more Kurt Russell.

Two Little Boys
One of my friends is visiting New Zealand right now and Bret McKenzie just won an Oscar for his song Man or Muppet from The Muppets. Seems pretty pertinent to post this trailer, don't ya think.


  1. It's really too bad you missed out on seeing Piranha 3D in theaters, because it was one of the best theater experiences I've ever had. I truly believe that it should've had a perfect score on Rottentomatoes(anyone who gave that movie a negative review, would have given it a negative review no matter what just because of the type of movie it is). Its obviously not a perfect movie, but for what it was going for, it certainly achieved it Perfectly: plenty of boobs, perfect use of 3D tricks, and the greatest blood bath scene I've ever seen. With that being said, you have to have seen it in the theater first, because watching it at home makes it lose almost all of its magic. From what I just watched in the trailer, I think they're sticking to what made the last one so great, but again I can't stress enough, if you're gonna watch it, see it in the theater and spend the extra for 3D.

  2. Im going to agree with nathan on that. I saw piranah 3D in theater and it was a great fun time. I mean it knows its not looking for oscars so it simply had fun. This movie looks like its having fun again! Its going to be a theater watch for me!


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