In Theaters This Weekend: March 2, 2012

This weekend in theaters is brought to you by the letter 'X'. The only two big releases opening this weekend are "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" and "Project X".

I'm excited to see that March is finally here! With March brings spring, and as with the trees and flowers, the hope and anticipation for new life. In the movie world, it's very much the same. We fight through the cold and ugly winter months, knowing that warmer weather and a fresh start is just around the corner. The Academy Awards are a nice symbol for all of it. They represent the last leg of the 2011 awards season, and also take place in a month that for the most part marks the end of the winter season. We watch the awards, take a week to process, and before you know it, March is here. For me, it now feels like a new movie season. So let's take a deep breath, get amped up for the new slate of movies coming up this year, and jump into it all over again.

So other than the few "bonus" movies we got earlier this winter ("The Grey" probably the only one that will really hang on), now we start the real thing. This week doesn't necessarily kick us off with a bang, but at least it kicks us off.

First off, we have "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax". This is an animated feature starring Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and Danny DeVito as The Lorax. Because of this film, we did our most recent Top 5 Movie Guide on DeVito. I'm happy for him to be in a prominent film like this (even though it is only a voice role). Overall, I'm sure this movie will be very well made. I honestly think I put a little more stock into it just because I am a Danny DeVito fan. If he wasn't in it, and it was some other random actor, I would probably mention this film as the footnote of this post. But he is, and am not. So that's that. I don't know if I'll be seeing this one in theaters (probably not, since I'm not normally a huge animation guy anyway), but I can see that it would probably be a good one to watch on the big screens. The colors look very vibrant, and I'm sure it will provide for a lot fun in 3D!

The other film releasing across the country this weekend is "Project X". This is the extreme teen party movie that is produced by Todd Phillips, director of "The Hangover". There isn't a lot of actual footage or content on this film yet, but from what we've seen in trailers, it's about three high school boys who throw and big party. This spirals out of control over the course of the night and pure mayhem ensues. Not sure where they'll go with that exactly, but I'm sure it will be crazy (think teen, video version of the pictures we see at the end of the Hangover movies). I'm still skeptical about this one; maybe I'll wait for more reviews and feedback before I venture out to the theater. If it is entertaining, this would be a great one to see at the theater. Getting a good crowd that's with you and into it would make for a really fun experience. And actually, because of that, just now I'm a little more enticed to actually go on Friday or Saturday just to take this one in with the opening crowds. I bet it would be a lot of fun; if actually a good movie, maybe one of the better theater experiences of the year.

Other than those two though, there are a few other smaller releases hitting a few theaters across the country. Most of us won't have the chance to check them out this weekend, so I'll pass on my discussions for now.

So while I'm not positive I'll be making it to the theater for either of these this weekend, both have potential and I can definitely see the appeal in taking in either of them. I think both will be enjoyable, if not memorable films, and good ways to kick off the spring season!