Slackers Selection CinemaCast: Episode 7

Thanks for checking out this week's edition of the Slackers Selection CinemaCast!

On this week's episode we discuss the new release "21 Jump Street" and our overall impressions on the film. We also talk box office, and the new films releasing next weekend, including "The Hunger Games" and "The Raid: Redemption".

Plus such topics as movie theater etiquette, ALWAYS staying after the credits, our thoughts on how books compare to movies, and what the deal is with Billy Zane's career.

Also: films we're watching, such as "The Grey", "Like Crazy", and "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". And our thoughts on the new trailer releases this week for "Prometheus" and "Dark Shadows".

Lots of great content in this week's episode. Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. So in the podcast i was wrong saying I knew who the other cameo in the movie was. I totally thought it would be Richard Grieco. It was totally that other guy (Peter DeLuise) from the show. completely forgot he was even on the original show. Fun Fact- Tatum and Hill's undercover names were Peter and Doug, PETER DeLuise played a character named DOUG on the show.
    p.s. I liked seeing Holly Robinson showing up!

    1. Channing Tatum's character Jenko, is the name of Johnny Depp's real life friend who also played the janitor on the original show.

    2. Awesome! I love all those little tie ins.
      Plus have you seen the even newer Dark Shadows trailer? its exactly the same as the first trailer except it has a dumb joke at the end. like dumber than the funny dumb jokes. kind of ruined the credibility of the lighthearted cleverness of the other jokes and turned them asinine.


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