Slackers Selection CinemaCast: Episode 6

Thanks for checking out this week's edition of the Slackers Selection CinemaCast!

On this week's episode we discuss new releases such as "Silent House" and "John Carter". See if we give either of these films the thumbs-up for a theater visit.

We also touch on the new releases coming out next weekend, including the revamped "21 Jump Street", starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

Plus, what we've been watching this week, including "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey".

(by the way, this episode comes in at a tidy 38 minutes, so don't be hesitant to devote yourself to this one)

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Inspired song choice! I really like it! Even though its from Drive, it really fits with John Carter. Not only is he a hero but also a "real human being," which is significant considering he's on Mars. Perfect tie in while still nodding towards another great film. Sadly he fought for the Confederacy. He's more of a Mars hero than Earth hero anyway. But maybe him fighting along side the Thark people is him redeeming himself and fighting for the underprivileged. now I'm just rambling.

    1. Like that? It seemed pretty fitting to me (plus a good way to work in a song from one of my favorite movies of last year). Now the only problem is I'm wishing I would have saved if for if we actually do do a special edition "John Carter" podcast.

      Maybe we can just use the John Carter music for that one though.

    2. Just as we'll be wishing we saved Johnny Depp for when a Johnny Depp movie comes out.

    3. There will always be plenty of actors/durectors/genres/etc. to write about. Ultimately, I'm happy to put a name and a face up that will help to draw people in. We can always get more creative after we develop that fanbase.


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