One Last Push for "John Carter"

If you've listened to our podcasts, and read the review we put up for the film "John Carter", then you've seen that overall we all feel bad for this film. While it wasn't as epic as maybe some of us wanted it to be, it was a solid film with great visuals and an interesting story.

Disney is expected to report a $200MM loss this quarter due to the gigantic box office flop for the film, and it's a shame that this movie will go down with this reputation. If you ask any of us here, we believe that a lot could have been saved with a better marketing strategy. Disney has access to unlimited amounts of money; they can throw as much of it at whatever they want. Normally, you'd say that's a great position to be in. The problem with this film was, however, that that's exactly what Disney did for their marketing - they just threw money at it hoping that quantity would outweigh quality; if we all saw the title of the film 1,000 times before it released, we'd just go see it because we knew it existed.

The trailers never impacted me as much as I wanted them to, and without knowing any of the backstory for the film, it just never captured me like I wish it would have.

Below, I've attached a fan-made trailer for the film, which first showed up on AICN. It's not perfect, but honestly, it at least hits on all of the aspects of the film that the real trailers missed. It gives backstory, it shows the scale, the action, and the characters. If I would have seen this trailer before the film's release, I bet I would have been a little more inclined to see it. I did see it anyway, but obviously there were many of you that did not. So I encourage you to check out the trailer below, and hopefully it will give you a bit more excitement for the film. Let's give "John Carter" one more shot in theaters before it's quietly brushed away and deemed a failure.