"Jurassic Park" To Get 3D Re-Release!

There's not much too this story other than that an official date has been set and we now know for sure that we'll be getting a 3D release of "Jurassic Park". Variety reported today that Universal has set July 19, 2013 as the official date for the re-release of the film.

Post conversion has gotten much better over the last couple of years, and while I'm sure it won't be as amazing as encompassing as such 3D greats like "Avatar" and "John Carter", I'm not complaining about getting the chance to see this film again in theaters.

It's unfortunate we still have a year and a few months to go before we get this, but it's something to look forward to I guess!

When do the ticket pre-sales start???


  1. I'm pretty sure John Carter was post conversion 3D. so if its 3D is as good as you say, I'd expect Jurassic Park to be just as great or better by the time it comes out.

    1. That's a good point. Though I'm curious what the difference will be between a film that was done almost entirely by computer animation and them being converted digitally, and a movie using puppets and anamatronics being digitally converted.

      Either way, I'm excited for it. I don't think it will suck.

  2. Man even if it sucks it wont suck. Think about it this way: you're in the theater wat hing JP3D and then realize "aww shoot this 3D blows!....well at least im still watching JP!"


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