Gerard Butler To Take On “Motor City”

Warner Bros. and Dark Castle have targeted the star of “300”, Gerard Butler, to headline their next action film “Motor City”.

Source: Variety

Directed by Albert Hughes, the film has already gone through several leading men, such as Dominic Cooper and Jake Gyllenhaal, who were both forced to drop out due to schedule conflicts.

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The film revolves around Butler, a felon who, after being released from prison, seeks revenge on the men who had him framed. I think that one sentence is really all we need. I love a good revenge storyline. They were the central focus of so many of my favorite 80’s action flicks. 

I have always thought Butler could’ve been the next great action hero. After "300", he seemed destined to rise to super-stardom, but instead went for those romantic comedies and it really took the momentum from that breakout role. I’m not saying they were all bad films, but he could’ve used a little more balance. Over the last couple of years he has started to drift back towards the action scene, and hopefully back into more prominent roles again. There is no doubt the guy is a blast to watch when he is in his element - just look at his role in “Coriolanus”. In about 15 minutes of screen time, he is one of the most memorable characters from the movie. And before we see him in "Motor City", Butler will star in “Playing the Field”, which now puts two Millennium Films pictures book-ended around "Motor City" - the other being “Olympus Has Fallen”, which will release in 2014.

“Motor City” is set to begin production soon. Gary Oldman and Amber Heard are also attached to the film.

What are the thoughts on this? Does this spark anyone’s interest?