First "Total Recall" Teaser Trailer Released

In yet other remake news today, the first "trailer" for the upcoming "Total Recall" just hit the web today. I put trailer in quotes because this is barely even a teaser. But, it's the first live footage from the film, so I'm happy to see it.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the original version, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Quaid, the main character who signed up for a relaxing virtual vacation on the planet Mars, but is suddenly actually transported to the planet (or is he?), where he's a secret agent, fighting to uncover the truth, which will return him back to the home he knows and loves. This version has grown into something of a cult hit over the years, and with the stunning special effects and great direction from a proven leader of the genre, Paul Verhoeven, it's not a surprise. And it's been such a hit for Columbia Pictures over the past 20 years, that they decided it was high time to remake the film.

This version will star Colin Ferrell in the same role once held by Schwarzenegger. Columbia has been pretty tight-lipped about the remake thus far, so it was good to finally get a peak at what's going on.

Check out the 33-second video for the trailer after the break.

So that's what we have to work with right now. Personally, I think the footage looks pretty cool. Other than the ramped-up effects and more serious tone of the film (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), I get a very similar vibe from a lot of this. The imagery of the city and architecture gives me very similar feelings to that of the original.

I'm excited for the real trailer, set to first show on ABC this Sunday, and even more so for the film itself, which opens August 3, 2012.

What do you guys think from the small amount of footage above? Is it enough to elicit any more hype on the project?