“The Expendables 2” is Rated R!

For everyone who was shocked and appalled at the news that “The Expendables 2” would be PG-13 - and rightfully so - today we can all breath a collective sigh of relief. Stallone Zone got a quote from Sly himself:
After taking in all the odd rumors and hearsay, EXPENDABLES II is an R.
Now that’s more like it. I didn't wait 23 years to see all of my favorite action heroes team-up and have to fight an entire army of bad guys, only to have the restrictions of a PG-13 rating placed upon them.

The whole thing started when Chuck Norris supposedly had a problem with all of the cursing. Well Mr. Norris, you can see what I think about that idea here. Since the cursing was the main issue, and not the violence, maybe they’ll still tone down the language. Let’s hope not - I don’t want any restrictions on this movie AT ALL.

Read more about this whole chain of events after the break.

I’m sorry for those who may be upset at this news...okay, that’s a blatant lie, I'm not sorry at all. Anyone with a legitimate interest in this movie would have never wanted this movie to be PG-13. Frankly, a movie like this has no business being PG-13. Terry Crewes said that the PG-13 move was made “for the children’s sake”. First, bullshit, and second, there are plenty of movies that are kid-friendly. A film starring a bunch of guys whose careers were made-up almost entirely of R-rated movies shouldn’t be one of them.

Luckily though, they listened to all of the outrage and are giving the fans what they really want. See people, if enough of us stand up for what we believe in, we really can make this world a better place; a world where “The Expendables 2” is rated R.

Something special was accomplished today. We should all be proud.